- Model 90 - 4 Wheel-Steering Tractor



The Lintrac is the first continuously variable, standard tractor with steering rear axle which can achieve incredible manoeuvrability. The optimum performances from a tractor, a slope mower and a farmyard loader are combined in one efficient vehicle. The ZF continuously variable technology, combined with a simple and practically-orientated operating concept from Lindner, make successful working with Lintrac child´s play.

Space saving cabin

The spring-mounted cabin is a comfortable workspace with a clear 360° view.

The panorama comfort cabin provides the best view on all sides. Fatigue-free work comes about through a pleasant working climate, comfort seat with air suspension and logically placed controls. It is particularly important in dangerous situations to be able to find the switches and levers quickly so as to react correctly. The I.B.C. monitor is the central display. The comfortable I.B.C. remote control on the armrest puts the driver in the best seating position.

Perkins engine

102 HP with 420 Nm of torque, unbelievably economical and free of particles.

The Perkins 3.4 l Turbo-Diesel puts out 75 kW/102 HP. It develops an enormous torque of 420 Nm at 1400 rpm with a very steep torque slope of greater than 40%. These characteristics provide powerful starting on a slope and for traction tasks. Together with the TMT09 transmission, the engine can run at a reduced speed providing very low consumption figures. Emission level 3b is achieved with the particle filter.

Get in and drive!

Get in and drive: Every driver is a professional with the simple control dial.

It is easy to drive the Lintrac: Start the engine, pick the direction, step on the gas and steer. Using the Ldrive control dial on the armrest makes for very efficient work. If the Ldrive is activated, rotating the dial sets the speed of travel in a dynamic and infinitely variable manner. Rapid selection buttons are provided for all-wheel, differential, cruise-control memory, creep function, hand & foot accelerator mode and the various driving modes.

Unachieved manoeuvrability

he first tractor with a steering rear axle provides previously unachieved manoeuvrability.

The Lintrac is the first standard tractor with a steering rear axle. During development, Lindner was able to build on decades of experience with 4-wheel steering systems in highland agriculture and municipal use with the Unitrac Transporter. Extremely stable steering heads made of a special alloy are used in this system. Upon request, the rear axle can rotate up to 20° and this provides the Lintrac with manoeuvrability previously unheard of for tractors.

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