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Designed and built for those looking for a high-tech product, easy-to-use, reliable and high performing. It gives power and efficiency to professional users to obtain the perfect pruning result in any situation. The sophisticated electric system guarantees complete control of the pruner at all times and all major operating parameters are fully customizable. LION-CUT brings together numerous innovative technological solutions that enable high performance and ease of use. Its graphic display with real-time information, simple controls and adjustments, its one-handed rapid power-off , its automatic repetition cutting and many other features aside make it so nice and easy to use this amazing electric pruner. LION-CUT is the ideal solution for those who want to use a technologically advanced pruner that combines high productivity with respect for the environment.

Cutting And Blades:

  • Material: Cutting Blades made of special steel high strength
  • Type of blades : Geometry of the blades that fit any application
  • Aperture Blades: Double aperture adjustable blades (33%, 50%, 66%), can be disactivated
  • Fixing Blades: Patented
  • Blade Replacement: Quick and Easy
  • Progressive Cutting: Can be disactivated
  • Quick Cut: in repetition
  • Max Cutting Diameter (mm): 40
  • Cutting Time (sec): 0.28
  • Progressive Cut: YES

Sizes And Dimentions

  • Shear Weight (gr): 890
  • Weight of Batteries and Knapsack (Kg): 1,8

Battery And Power Cable:

  • Battery Type: Lithium 48V Rechargeable
  • Battery Capacity: 3.500 mAh
  • Motor: Gear Motor
  • Power Cable: In yellow color for high visibility
  • Battery Charger: Included
  • Cutting Autonomy: Up to two working days
  • Switch Off: Rapid into stand-by feature
  • Auto Power Off: For Inactivity

Other Characteristics

  • Knapsack Type: Comfortable ergonomic backpack with latest generation rechargeable lithium battery
  • Display: Graphic display for information and programming
  • Handle: Ergonomic soft-touch
  • Inactivity stop: Sleep Timer
  • Electronic Protection: Too high effort and short circuit

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