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The Fastest, Easiest and Most Modern Way to Build a Tank. Featuring a patented and applied technology for the construction of tanks employing the LIPP double fold system. LIPP tanks are constructed by automated machines on-site within a very short span of time. Depending on the specific application and client's requirements, the tank systems can be constructed using a wide spectrum of materials ranging from non-ferrous metals to galvanized or stainless steel and even high alloyed steels. Efficiency and Quality through Innovation. WEIDA's LIPP tank system offers a versatile, cost effective, extremely durable and structurally strong storage tank system that can meet any storage and application requirement. The system is suitable for a variety of sizes ranging from 3 metres to over 40 metres in diameter and over 30 metres in height.

  • Municipal, industrial and agricultural water/liquid storage tanks
  • Waste water storage and treatment tanks
  • Rainwater storage tanks
  • Oil and gas storage tanks
  • Dry bulk storage tanks
  • Silos

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