Liquid Fertilizer Filter Press



INGOR has a specific line specially designed for polishing or brightnening liquid formulations (liquid fertilizers). This filter press is a high capacity equipement due to its high flow of treatment and high efficiency since it allows to obtain high-quality of filtered solid-free.

All INGOR filter press models are available to work at 12 and 16 bars. Besides, it is possible to adjust the design of any INGOR filter press to the any filtration requirment. Therefore you can choose between:

  • Chamber or membrane plates.
  • Open or close running
  • Add to the installation a set of accessories such as: drip collecting trays, control pannel, photoelectric cells, and so on.

Semiautomatic press filters
The manual press filter is characterized by an automatic hydraulic group guaranteeing the closing of the filtering bag during all the filtration process. The translation of the plates is done manually being an easy task for the workers.

Automatic press filter
INGOR automatic press filter adds to the above pointed out model an automatic  plates translation device allowing to unload the cakes quickly and efficiently without the help of workers. This Press Filter is especially recommended for big productions without workforces.

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