Liquid Foliar Spray Products



Bio-Ag offers two foliar spray product options, both manufactured by Acadian Seaplants.  Both products are derived from 100% pure ascophyllum nodosum, which is rich in both micro and macro elements.  They are used most frequently as a foliar spray for agricultural and horticultural crops.

1. Stella Maris Aquatic Plant Extract , 1L or 10L jug

  • 2. Acadian Organic Liquid Seaweed [0.5-0.2-17] 9.54L jug. Contact your organic certifier prior to using to verify it is acceptable.  Why we recommend these foliar seaweed products:
  • Dissolve in water and will not clog nozzles
  • Increased uptake of trace minerals resulting from foliar feeding
  • Increased marketable yields
  • Improved frost resistance for sensitive plants
  • Enhanced germination and emergence when used as a seed soak
  • Reduced insect damage and prevents fungal diseases
  • Promotes better root growth
  • Is compatible with most herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
  • Increases shelf life for fruits and vegetables
  • Improves plant appearance and colour
  • What is different about the organic version of this product?
  • No preservatives or sodium hydroxide
  • Must be kept cool and used within a few months

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