Liquid Micro-Element Mixture

This is the first of the Micromix-Gat line of products, widely used by farmers for crops of different species. Micro-Gat is the starter product for the manufacture of many of the line of Micromix-Gat’s products. Micro-Gat is a concentrated solution of plant-available micro-elements chelated with EDTA, applied to a wide variety of crop species grown on artificial substrates, light soils and crops irrigated at high frequency. The composition of micro-elements in Micro-Gat provides for an adequate supply of essential micro-nutrients to most irrigated crops and orchards whenever their availability is limited. Micro-Gat is frequently applied as an additive to common, non-acidic fertilizer solutions. Micro-Gat is frequently applied together with the irrigation water (fertigation) or injected directly into the soil.

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