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Eta Beta is the portable generator to power electric combs during the olive harvest. The performance of the Oliwatt 2 electric comb is even further boosted with the all-new ETA BETA Lisam patented portable generator, powered by a 4-stroke Honda engine. When used by a single operator, ETA BETA may be carried as easily as a backpack, using the shoulder straps supplied. When used to power two electric combs, ETA BETA may be picked up and carried like a suitcase, then set down on the ground on its special feet, allowing two operators to work at up to 30 metres from each other.

Wear it as a backpack and carry it like a suitcase
Eta Beta can be worn comfortably like a backpack so you can use it as a single operator. Otherwise, you can rest it on the ground: the ETA BETA portable generator can supply two olive harvester combs at the same time.

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