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- Model SLY - Orchards - Pneumatic Shears


Sly pneumatic shears, manufactured by Lisam for many years now, feature blades forged specifically for pruning orchards and made of a special alloy that enables the farmer to also work at low temperatures, without any change in cutting power.To make Sly shears comfortable and productive, Lisam has reduced their weight to just 550 grams and, thanks to the use of a high-performance piston, has cushioned recoil on the operator’s wrist so as not to tire the pruner, even after several hours of use.

The Sly shears can be integrated with extension arms that make it possible to reach the highest branches without having to use ladders, making work all the more practical and fast. Extension arms of up to 3 metres are available without adapter, extension arms of up to 3 metres with quick coupling (to quickly switch over from pneumatic shears to pneumatic saw) and extension arms for working at heights of up to 5 metres.

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