- Model 25 - Foliar Fertilizer


LITHOvit GUANO 25 is a top-quality German product created by tribodynamic activation and micronization. Highly energized LITHOvit and Guano particles, sprayed finely onto the leaf surface, are taken up directly through the stomata and converted into carbon dioxide. In this way LITHOvit can considerably increase the photosynthesis rate, since the essen­tial factor limiting photosynthesis outdoors is the natural CO2 content of the air. This leads to yield increases, accompanied by a reduced water requirement, since with LITHOvit the plants are able to keep the stomata closed longer in case of water stress. LITHOvit also contains micronutrients and trace elements that influence the plant physiology positively, such as manganese etc. The additionally added 25 % fossilized Guano from seabirds acts as an effective bioorganic substitute of synthetic NPK and further reinforces the specific effect of this special LITHOvit.

  • Improves crop yields, quality and storage properties
  • Accelerates growth and intensifies green coloration
  • Increases resistance, growth and vitality
  • Increases frost and drought tolerance and pest resistance
  • Enhances the supply of essential trace elements to the plants
  • Reduces the water requirement

Instructions for use

There are basically three different times at which LITHOvit can be applied:

  • at the beginning of foliation,
  • at the time of flowering and
  • during the period when the fruit is growing.

LITHOvit GUANO 25 may be used once or several times, at maximum every 3-4 weeks, separately or in combination with a plant protection agent.

Maximum dosage: 0.5 kg/ha as 0.15-0.2 % water suspension (150-200 g of LITHOvit per 100 l of water). A pH of 6-l0 must be strictly adhered to in the spray mixture. It can be applied using any agriculture sprayer with agitation or hand operated sprayer.


  • Do not overdose!
  • Store in dry place!

LITHOvit GUANO 25 – calcium carbonate from selected natural limestone with 25 % fossil seabird-guano – readily taken up by the plant.

  • 64 % CaCO3 calcium carbonate
  • 5 % MgCO3 magnesium carbonate
  • 40 % alkaline constituents (expressed as CaO – calcium oxide)
  • 1.5 % N total nitrogen
  • 0.8 % P2O5 phosphate
  • 0.5 % K2O potassium
  • 0.4 % Fe iron

For use as a foliar fertilizer on arable and pasture land as well as in green houses, forestry and horticulture.

Harmless to humans and animals, not hazardous to water.

Suitable for use in organic farming according to Council Regulation (EG) Nr. 834/2007 – European Community.

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