Metal Pless Inc.

- Snow Plow


Live Edge' SOFT drive mechanical steel trip edge heavy duty multi-section 6' x 3/4' x 24'.Mobile steel trip edge following the imperfection of roads, exclusive Metal Pless system reduces by 50% the use of salt and abrasive.Bolt-on fixed side wings
Self-leveling skid shoes on the wings made from CHT400 steel.Lateral floating of the blade.Wear plate welded on the skid shoes.Heavy duty braces bolted to the mouldboard and to the side wings.Baked powder paint

  • Quick attach
  • Carbide cutting edge
  • Non standard colour

  • 1 st grade steel and/or CHT 360 and 400 type     of 1/4'' to 1-1/4.
  •  Pinion wheel ''sprockets'' combo steel and Teflon.
  • Light density rubber wheel.
  • 35% increase power on track.
  • 24''cross link by 3/8'' thick.
  • Any modification on the cabin is required.
  • Only 4 to 6 hours to put the wheels back on

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