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Model LJ-3285NP - Electro-fisher

LJ-3285NP is a large power IGBT NC Marine-style deep-water fishing device, this machine is designed to adopt modular design, modular design can effectively improve the maintenance of fishing devices, as well as selective fishing is the root of the different customer requirements, to provide different configurations.   The electrofisfer use 32 pieces of high-power FET MOS, packet mode bivariate double line,column horn import filter capacitors, multi-layered heat sink block, to provide you with superior power.

? LJ-3285NP IGBT NC Electro-fisher use of advanced digital technology,the unique structure of the secondary outputbetter performancemorepower, more efficient
? The electrofisher use of our comany’s exclusively designed computerprogram algorithm, the unique structure of the secondary output
? Full protection, light weight, easy operation, diversified applications, filling the capable demeanor

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