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A complete range with high load capacities from DEUTZ-FAHR. The range covers load volumes of 22 to 78m³ and meets the highest requirements in terms of power, cutting quality and performance. Being particularly good value for money it is a commercially attractive solution for all grassland farmers.

AlpMaster 2200 - 2800
Alpine Loader Wagons
AlpMaster 2200 and 2800 models are low build loader wagons ideal for operation in hilly conditions. They offer load capacities of 22 and 28m³. The arm-controlled feeder unit with forgeddouble tines manages enormous massesof material and the standard lift-out limitswitch is gentle both on man and machineduring headland turns.
The low profile and low centre of gravityguarantee absolutely stable and safeoperation on slopes, under trees and in lowbuildings. Road transport is not an issueeither for these compact yet high-capacity machines, which are rated to maximum speeds of 40 km / h.

FeedMaster 3000 -3600S/T
Feeder Comb Loader Wagon
Feeder comb loader wagons with capacity of 30-36m³ and foldable hay extensions. The hay extensions fold down and into the steel body to pass through low gates, reducing the total height of the single-axle FeedMaster 3000 and FeedMaster 3600 models to 2.0 m. A hydraulic fold system is available as an option.
All hydraulic functions – body, tailboard,chain-and-slat conveyor, pick-up and cuttingsystem – can be preselected on thePilotBox-T control unit and operated via thetractor spool – a simple and cost-effectivesolution that eliminates the need for aseparate hydraulic system on the foragewagon.

FeedMaster 3900 – 4200D – 4400
Feeder Comb Loader Wagon
The FeedMaster 3900, 4200D and 4400 are the multi-purpose options in the loader wagon range. Features such as full steel body and hay extension cater for demanding applications. The sensor controlled and hydraulic tailgate opens and shuts tight enough for the finest chopped material. Each knife in the cutting system is individually protected from impact with foreign objects and stones. The heavy spring-loaded knife breaks back from impact and returns to its cutting position without suffering any damage at all.

FeedMaster 6500 – 7800
Feeder Comb Loader Wagon
The FeedMaster 6500 and 7800 are specifically developed for dry crop material like hay and straw and offers capacities of 65 and 78m³. The RotoControl intake system with 5 feeder arms is designed for high capacity and maximum throughput. DEUTZ-FAHR combines proven forage wagon technology with an arm-controlled feeder unit to create a high-performance machine that meets the highest demands.
The RotoControl feed unit ensures maximum throughput. Up to 5 swing arms ensure a gentle and efficient feed of material into the chamber. The wide double-finger tines move the crop efficiently towards the cutting knives without friction or crop loss.

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