Agricultural industry Equipment in Croatia

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    NIR-Online Pipe Solution

    Always full control – even for hot and pressurized materials. BUCHI NIR-Online Pipe Solution gives rise to straightforward installation of our Process Analyzers to pipelines. Maximum installation flexibility is achieved by direct integration of our stainless steel adapters into the pipeline, thus separating the analyzer from the product ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Office in CROATIA. from NIR-Online Solutions Product line

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    Spray Drying Medium» (2 – 25 μm) - Solution

    You want to benefit from an ingenious technology of spray drying for your demanding product development process. We offer the market leading solution with the most possibilities in applications to reduce development time.

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    Model NIR-Online - Multipoint System

    BUCHI NIR-Online solutions enable continuous monitoring of key parameters such as moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch, fiber or residual oil at every process step. Innovative Multipoint heads provide the most cost-effective way to monitor relevant check points in e.g. the oil seed or grain milling industry as well as food and feed production.

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG Office in CROATIA. from NIR-Online Solutions Product line

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    Prilling by Vibration Dry (100 – 1000 μm) - Solution

    You wish to encapsulate various materials into a dry polymeric or wax matrix. We offer the ideal solution with the combination of the Encapsulator B-390 or Encapsulator B-395 Pro and the Rotavapor® system R-215.

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    Prilling by Vibration Wet (150 – 2000 μm) - Solution

    You wish to encapsulate various materials into a polymeric matrix. We offer the creative solution using vibrating technology (prilling) to form beads and capsules, even with extremely sensitive and expensive materials.

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    Micropilot - Model FMR540 - Radar Measurement Device

    Horn antenna and parabolic antenna for custody transfer applications. Micropilot FMR540 is used for custody transfer and inventory control applications with NMi- and PTB-approvals and meets the requirements according to OIML R85 and API 3.1B. FMR540 with parabolic antenna is particularly suited for free space applications up to 40m and with horn ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Zagreb, CROATIA. from Level Measurement- Product line

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    Memograph - Model M RSG45 - Advanced Data Manager

    Saves, visualizes, analyzes and communicates. The Advanced Data Manager is a flexible and powerful system for organizing process values. Thanks to its intuitive operation, the Memograph M adapts quickly and easily to every application. The measured process values are clearly presented on the display and logged safely, limits are monitored and ...

    By Endress Hauser AG Office in Zagreb, CROATIA. from System Products Product line

  • Model 1,40m – 1,60m – 1,80m – 2,00m – 2,30m - Tractor Rotary Cultivator

    The primary intended purpose of the tractor rotary cultivator is preparation of soil prior to sowing. The shape of the blades is such that they offer minimal soil resistance during operation, resulting in relatively easy operation of the rotary cultivator in the hardest of soils.

    By MEGA METAL d.o.o. based in Nedelišće, CROATIA.

  • Autonomous Measuring Station

    Permits measuring in an area where no infrastructure (telephone wiring and power supply) is available. The unit is equipped with a solar panel to supply the measuring instruments with power. The integrated accumulator is designed for a station operation time of about 30 days without power production and full accu capacity. The data can be sent to ...

    By Gihmm GmbH Office in Zagreb-Podsused, CROATIA. from Accessories Product line

  • Model 130 - Frontal Rotational Mower

    Frontal rotational Mower designed as tractor connection.

    By Hittner d.o.o based in Bjelovar, CROATIA. from Agricultural Attachments Product line

  • Super Special Green - Two-Wheel Tractors

    SUPER SPECIAL GREEN is a two-wheel tractor which belongs to the new line of products, built and designed to fulfill all the operator's needs. This model is very practical to use and completely safe during the work. The strongly built gearbox makes possible the use of diesel engines in ranges of 8 to 10 kW, in rope, recoil starter or ...

    By Labinprogres- TPS d.o.o. based in Labin, CROATIA. from Two-Wheel Tractors Product line

  • Adria - Model 04 - Motor Hoes

    Motor hoe ADRIA 04 presents a family of compact and enduring multi-purpose machines suitable for hobby and professional use. It is suitable for work on the parcels, gardens and on inaccessible, rugged terrain. This motor hoe is available in two models, with diesel or gasoline motor types from 4.5- 7.0 kW, and 4 speeds transmission (3 forward and 1 ...

    By Labinprogres- TPS d.o.o. based in Labin, CROATIA. from Motor Hoes Product line

  • Model DCC - Loss In Weight Screw Feeders

    DCC Loss-In-Weight Screw Feeders offer exceptional operating versatility due to highly precise metering performance and excellent user-friendliness. DCC Loss-In-Weight Screw Feeders consist of a micro-screw feeder inside a food-grade polymer body with stainless steel guards and feeder pipe and an optional electronically operated scale pan mounted ...

    By WAMGROUP S.p.A. Office in Breznički Hum, CROATIA. from Metering Feeders Product line

  • BM 70 A 4-wire Level Radar

    Reliable measurement under hazardous conditions, of tanks with agitators or other internals.

    By Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG Office in Zagreb, CROATIA. from Level Measurement Product line

  • Tuber - Model 50 - Tractor

    Tuber 50 is a four-wheel compact tractor with four- wheel drive and full hydraulic steering gear. It is a very agile multipurpose machine, used for performing main tasks in agricultural production. Ploughing, mining, sowing and reinforcement of crops with additional media are some of numerous agricultural operations for which Tuber is intended. ...

    By Labinprogres- TPS d.o.o. based in Labin, CROATIA. from Tractors Product line

  • Bale Fork Tipper

    Tipper forks are a tractor implement used for transport of silage bales. The bale is lifted with the fork for transport and a cord is pulled from the tractor cockpit to unload the bale using its own weight. Can be mounted on either front or back end using the tractor hydraulics.

    By MEGA METAL d.o.o. based in Nedelišće, CROATIA.

  • Model RG 300 – RG 400 – RG 500 - Fertilizer Spreaders

    Fertilizer spreader (RG) is intended for spreading dry fertilizer and granulated fertilizer. It is constructed to enable uniform distribution in the entire width, and separately on the left and right sides. A special attachment can be mounted on the spreader, enabling spreading in 4 lines with the regulation of line width. The spreader can also be ...

    By MEGA METAL d.o.o. based in Nedelišće, CROATIA.

  • Depositing Unit

    Fertilizer depositing unit is intended for deposition of fertilizer in orchard and vineyard cultivation on depths of up to 25 cm, with the goal of increasing the efficiency of basic fertilizing, thus increasing the quality of yield. Depositing width of the unit can be adjusted within 160 to 400 cm. Height: 1200 mm. 

    By MEGA METAL d.o.o. based in Nedelišće, CROATIA.

  • Model G 131 - Rototillers

    Grillo G131 cultivator is a machine of exceptional strength, the strongest in Grillo offer motocultivators. The transmission has a 7-speed (5 forward + 2 reverse) with the possibility of adjusting to a stronger or a weaker level. Electric ignition key. The possibility of choosing a diesel engine with 11KW or 12KW. Adjusted for difficult working ...

    By AGRO-DOM based in Zagreb, CROATIA. from Rototillers Product line

  • Model G 52 - Rototillers

    Motokultivator Grillo G52 is small and handy but with a large number of connections. Comes with four-stroke petrol engines from 3.7 to 4.1 hp. Handles are agile, absorbing and height adjustable. The possibility of driving with one speed forward and one backward. Standard working width is 50 cm, and can be set to 37 cm. Planned connections are ...

    By AGRO-DOM based in Zagreb, CROATIA. from Rototillers Product line

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