Agricultural industry Equipment in Estonia

  • Model 2WD - Inner Hub Drive

    Hubs Sampo Hydraulics Black Bruin, hydraulic drive installed into hubs.

    By Oniar LLC based in Märjamaa, ESTONIA. from Inner Hub Drive Product line

  • Scandic - Model ST-15D - Trailer

    Load capacity, kg : 15000. Loading area, m2 : 3. Axle section, mm : 80x80. Frame section, mm : 250x150x8-2pcs. Tyre size, mm : 520/50-R17. Length of loading area (with extension), mm : 4190 (5050). Total length (with extension), mm : 6715 (7535). Width, mm : 2520. Drawbar rotation : 0+/-40°. Trailer mass, kg : 3600. 2WD or 4WD (inner drum ...

    By Scandicon OÜ based in Tartu, ESTONIA. from Trailer Product line

  • Scandic - Model SC-72 - Cranes

    Max.outreach, m : 7,2. Max. operating pressure, bar : 180. Slewing angle : 360°. Slewing cylinders, pes : 4. Slewing toque, kNm : 14,5. Telescope(s) outreach, m : 1,45. Lifting capacity at max. outreach : 547 kg. Standard grapple load section area, m2 : 0,2. Rotation torque, f\Jm : 900. Mass : 790.

    By Scandicon OÜ based in Tartu, ESTONIA. from Cranes Product line

  • Combi - Model 800TGE - Snowthrowers Machine

    Engine : Powerline. Engine type : 4 stroke. Engine model : Powerline TG720ES. CC : 212 cc. Power : 4,2 kW v. 3600 rev./min. Noise level : 92 dB. Starter : Electric/recoil start. Tank capacity : 3,6 litre. Engine oil : 0,6 litre. Speed : 1,53 2,97-4,14 - 5,8 km/hr. Forward gears : 4. Rearward gears : 1. Big air pressured rubber wheels : Inflatable ...

    By Hortulus OÜ based in Tallinn, ESTONIA.

  • Snow King - Model 7613TGE - Snowthrowers Buster

    Power : 7,8 kW v. 3600 rev./min. Tank capacity : 5,5 litre. Gasoline/diesel : Gasoline. Engine oil : 1,1 litre. Working width : 76 cm. Distance from : 8-15 m. Speed : 1,3-3,0 km/hr. Forward gears : 6. Rearward gears : 2. Big air pressured rubber wheels : Inflatable rubber tyres. Oil : SAE 30. Weight : 122 kg.

    By Hortulus OÜ based in Tallinn, ESTONIA.

  • Humus - Model 7T - Small Trailer

    The box of the Humus 7T trailer is made with a minimum number of parts, which significantly increases the strength of the box. The box can also be reinforced with a bottom and sides made of wear proof steel Hardox 450, increasing the durability and resistance, allowing the transportation of rocks and other heavy materials without damaging the ...

    By Humus based in Paide, ESTONIA. from Small Trailer Product line

  • Makron - Sub Element Station

    These stations are used for producing prefabricated sub-elements for windows and doors. With these types of stations the material flow is stabilized and the capacity of the main panel line is increased. Different variations of stations are available, depending on the requirements for automation and capacity.

    By Makron Engineering Oy Office in Kalesi küla, ESTONIA. from Sub Element Station Product line

  • PALMS - Model 4.70 - Forest Crane

    Noole tõsteulatus, m: 7. Lifting torque, gross kNm: 47. Lifting capacity at 4 m w/o grapple and rotator, kg: 920. Lifting capacity at full reach, without grapple and rotator, kg: 520. Telescopic boom stroke length, m: 1,85. Slewing cylinders, pcs: 4. Slewing torque, kNm: 14. Slewing angle, °: 370. Crane's weight without support legs and ...

    By Palmse Mehaanikakoda LLC based in Lääne-Virumaa, ESTONIA. from Forest Crane Product line

  • Makron - Model M - Powerlog Machining Centre

    Powerlog Machining Centre is developed for modern and flexible log home production. It is capable to process squared and round logs. This machining centre is very efficient and productive log processing line for small and middle size log house manufacturers.

    By Makron Engineering Oy Office in Kalesi küla, ESTONIA. from Powerlog Machining Centre Product line

  • Metsis - Model 608F - Harvesters

    Weight: Payload: 14 000 kg. Self weight: 15 900 kg. Dimensions: Width: 2850 mm. Length: 9610 mm. Height: 3750 mm. Ground clearance: 610 mm. Engine: 6-cylinder Sisu66CTA turbodiesel. Nominal power: 143kW/2200 rpm. Maximum power: 150kW/2000 rpm. Max. torque: 850Nm/1400 rpm. Fuel tank volume: 200 l.

    By Metsis Ltd based in Pärnumaa, ESTONIA. from Harvesters Product line

  • PALMS - Model 15D - Forest Trailer

    Gross weight: 18 000. Curb weight: 2435. Total length, mm: 6420. Total width with standard wheels, mm: 2550. Standard wheels: 550/45-22,5. Load area, m²: 3. Length of loading area: 4200. Chassis, mm: 2x250x150. 2 WD (inner drum drive) option. 4 WD (roller drive between wheels) option. Hydraulic brakes. Pneumatic brakes. Drawbar steering ...

    By Palmse Mehaanikakoda LLC based in Lääne-Virumaa, ESTONIA. from Forest Trailer Product line

  • Scandic - Model ST-10 - Forestry Trailer

    Scandic ST-10 forest trailer is preferred by professionals due to it’s 10.000 kg loading capacity and extra large loading area. ST-10 is also available in double frame version. ST-10 has 40 degrees drawbar rotation and tandem angle tilt 20 degrees.

    By Scandicon OÜ based in Tartu, ESTONIA. from Forestry Trailer Product line

  • Model 12PH - Bale Trailer

    The advantage of the Humus platform trailer compared to other trailers is its universal application. While the Humus bale carrier is intended only for the transport of straw, hay and silo bales, the Humus platform trailer can transport all of this and also anything else that can be loaded onto the trailer.

    By Humus based in Paide, ESTONIA. from Bale Trailer Product line

  • Natural Peat Substrate

    The whole world of horticulture uses white peat as growing media, so far no adequate replacement for peat has been found, it still is the most plant friendly environment available. The high share of organic matter which attracts microflora necessary for nutrient and water transport, high porosity and thus buffering ability, water retention ...

    By Mikskaar AS based in Tallinn, ESTONIA. from Natural Peat Substrate Product line

  • Skorpion - Model 160 SD - Mobile Disc Chipper

    The chipper SKORPION 160 SD is the best choice for people involved in community service activities and for road companies; its high chipping capacity (the maximum diameter of worked branches is 160 mm) and small dimensions allow convenient use of the machine in urban areas and on roadsides during seasonal logging.

    By Teknamotor Sp. z o.o. Office in Tallinn, ESTONIA. from Mobile Disc Chipper Product line

  • Scandic - Model ST-6 - Forestry Trailer

    Scandic ST-6 is affordable forest trailer for seasonal work. This budget-friendly trailer is designed for smaller forest and farm owners who do not need heavy forestry equipment for everyday use but are not willing to make sacrifices on build quality. ST-6 is fully equipped forest trailer with reduced dimensions (4.7x1.8m). Lightweight design ...

    By Scandicon OÜ based in Tartu, ESTONIA. from Forestry Trailer Product line

  • Sideways Moving Stabilizer Legs

    Sideways moving stabilizer legs extend fat and provide better stability. Possible to install to a tractors 3 point connection.

    By Oniar LLC based in Märjamaa, ESTONIA. from Sideways Moving Stabilizer Legs Product line

  • Steel Grain Bins

    Our steel grain bins are delivered in sections for easy assembly. The roof is constructed in lightweight sections and installed with a reinforcement designed specifically to suit the Lithuanian climate and possible snowloads. Having experience in similar conditions in Denmark, Inter-Silo knows the importance of such reinforcement, and we ...

    By UAB Inter-Silo Office in Tartu, ESTONIA. from Steel Grain Bins Product line

  • Scandic - Model ST-8 - Forestry Trailer

    Scandic ST-8 trailer is budgeted for seasonal user but can also withstand heavy year-round use. ST-8 is the only multi-purpose forest trailer on the market with professional features and less than 1000 kg trailer weight!. ST-8 has 40 degrees drawbar rotation and tandem angle tilt 20 degrees. By adding 2 wheel inner drum drive you’ll get the ...

    By Scandicon OÜ based in Tartu, ESTONIA. from Forestry Trailer Product line

  • Makron Randek - Model JS300C - Notching Saw

    Notching Saw JS300C can be used to make notches in the end of a piece of timber, for example for a binding joist in an upright stud. The machine fixes the wood pneumatically and makes two cutting positions with the two 400mm blades. Maximum length is 250 mm and the cutting depth can be set to a max of 90 mm. The saw is easily operated with a foot ...

    By Makron Engineering Oy Office in Kalesi küla, ESTONIA. from Notching Saw Product line

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