Equipment in Finland

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    Ahlstrom - Model Sulflex - For Furniture Laminates

    Genuine vegetable parchment paper is specially adapted for bonding in CPL and HPL processes. These laminates are used in the furniture industry and building industry. Ahlstrom Sulflex genuine vegetable parchment is specially designed for bonding in Continuous Pressure Laminates (CPL) and High Pressure Laminates (HPL). These laminates are used in ...

    By Ahlstrom Corporation based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Building and Decoration Product line

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    EasyLife - Spray & Up Digital

    An amazing advance forward in home decoration. Our PVC free, HP qualified, digital printable materials eliminate the need for conventional wallcover paste. Simply spray the wall with water, then apply directly. Quick, easy and clean. Ahlstrom EasyLife Spray & Up delivers flat and 3D textures, all with a luxurious, textile-like touch.

    By Ahlstrom Corporation based in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Wallcover Product line

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    Memograph - Model M RSG40 - Advanced Graphic Data Manager

    Paperless recording, visualization and monitoring of the process values at the same time. Safe and complete recording and visualization of all process sequences. The Memograph M RSG40 has a wide range of functionality, modular construction and a intuitive operator concept. With its brilliant 7” TFT display it is possible to display process ...

    By Endress Hauser Office in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Data Acquisition and Components Product line

  • Greenmaster - Model 2500 and 3000 - Surface Seeding Machine

    The Greenmaster surface seeding machine, which features no harrows, is particularly suitable for hay seeding. The machine can be used for seeding or patching lawns and pastures. The 100-position rotating feeding roller provides accurate and reliable seed sowing. The machine features wheels with tractor patterns. The machine can be equipped with a ...

    By Tume-Agri Oy based in Turenki, FINLAND. from Drills Product line

  • Model KL 2500 - Combined Seed and Fertilizer Drill

    The KL combined seed and fertilizer drill with side wheels and hoist fittings is a traditional, easy to use drill.  The KL combined seed and fertilizer drill can be equipped with extra hoppers in order to facilitate a large bag of fertilizer. The machine’s centre mass is located near the tractor, facilitating safe operation even with ...

    By Tume-Agri Oy based in Turenki, FINLAND. from Drills Product line

  • Tamtron - Timber Crane Scale for Timber Trucks

    Control overloads and payment basis with Tamtron timber crane scale. Timber crane scale Tamtron Timber has 99 tons weighing capacity. Weighing can be registered with a press button or by automatic function. Standard delivery includes the press button. Cranes with electric power steering can be equipped with a separate foot pedal for ...

    By Tamtron Group based in Tampere, FINLAND. from For Forestry Product line

  • Nurmi - Components for Commercial Vehicles

    Nurmi manufactures and delivers ready-to-install subframes for most tipper and timber truck models, hydraulic tippers, bogie drives and timber truck equipment.

    By Nurmi Hydraulics Oy based in Ikkala, FINLAND. from Tippers & Outfittings Product line

  • Nurmi - Tipper Cylinders for Trucks and Tractor Trailers

    Nurmi designs and manufactures single and twin ram tipper cylinders, front gear tipper cylinders and tipper cylinders for tractor trailers. All cylinder tubes in truck tipping cylinders are hard chromed. For tractors, this is optional.

    By Nurmi Hydraulics Oy based in Ikkala, FINLAND. from Tippers & Outfittings Product line

  • Hakki Pilke - Model 30 - Firewood Machine

    When the Hakki Pilke 2X was launched fifteen years ago, it was the first firewood processing machine with a chain saw. The Hakki Pilke Expert 30 firewood machine sold today has been developed in a myriad of ways based on user feedback, and it is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for domestic use. With the Easy equipment option the 2X is also ...

    By Maaselän Kone Oy based in HAAPAJÄRVI, FINLAND. from Firewood Processors Product line

  • Fertiliser - Model KA powder - Fertiliser

    KA Powder influence on seedling emergence of grass, green ground coverage (plant density), growth. The research and drought tolerance was studied by MTT Plant production research by tray tests conducted in greenhouse and net house. KA Powder accelerated initial growth and seedling emergence. This test arrangement did not reveal any positive ...

    By Oy Operative Recovery Solutions JMR Ltd based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

  • Model UW160 - Energy Grapple

    UW160 Energy Grabble is specially designed for professional whole-tree cuttings. It does not matter if tree is frozen or not, UW160 Energy Grabbles powerful knife cuts stems easily up to 18 cm. After cutting UW160 Energy Grabble holds trees strong and tight from stub to woodpile. Multi-tree handling makes possible to process several stems at the ...

    By Usewood Forest Tec Oy based in Jyväskylä, FINLAND. from Felling Grapples Product line

  • Palax - Model Handy Series - Skidding Grapple

    The robust Palax Handy Skidding Grapple  for friendly to the forest skidding, transporting and piling of trees at low cost

    By PALAX Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy based in Ylistaro, FINLAND. from Skidding Grapples Product line

  • Palax - Model Active Series - Firewood Processor

    The user-friendly PALAX ACTIVE firewood processor enable its owner to produce firewood efficiently, effortlessly and easily without forgetting one very important feature: the overwhelmingly competitive price!

    By PALAX Ylistaron Terästakomo Oy based in Ylistaro, FINLAND. from Chain-saw Product line

  • JAPA - Model Forest Pro - Log Splitter

    Japa Forest Pro Log 300 A Best-Seller in Co-Operation with BRP Finland. Forest Pro Log 300+ Thanks to the considerable ground clearance of the Forest Pro Log 300+ you can turn your logs into firewood directly in the forest. Wood is cut with a hydraulic chainsaw, which is sure and silent. A unique feature of this machine is that the ...

    By Laitilan Rautarakenne Oy based in Laitila, FINLAND. from Forest Pro Log/BRP Product line

  • Hydrocyclone Systems

    Separation of starch, sand and other settling solids from waste water and process water by means of centrifugal forces.Efficiency.The efficiency of the hydrocyclones is depending on the solids density, liquid density, feed pressure, etc.

    By REKO Industrial Equipment b.v. Office in Helsinki, FINLAND.

  • Meripeateq - Screw Levellers

    Efficient machines for shaping strips and spreading ditch borders. Screw levellers have been designed for use on peatiand. They shape the strips properly so that rainwater runs into the ditches, allowing for successful production. Screw levellers are available in the form of a pull device or a lift device.

    By Suokone Oy based in Vuokatti, FINLAND. from MeriPeatEq - Bog Clearing Machinery Product line

  • Valtra - Model A Series - Tractors

    The Valtra A Series has a long and distinguished heritage as the most popular tractor in Scandinavia.Now this reliable basic tractor has stepped into a new era. Work efficiency and user friendliness have been improved significantly with the new HiTech models.

    By Valtra Inc. - part of AGCO Corporation based in Suolahti, FINLAND.

  • Alucar - Truck Bodybuilding

    Bodybuilding design starts from negotiations with the customer and acknowledging the customer’s needs. We have a variety of specialists at your service from design, sales, production, and mounting departments. In most cases our designer can access truck manufacturer’s bodybuilder homepages and receive the specific truck chassis ...

    By Alucar Oy based in Maxmo, FINLAND.

  • LAKO - Model 83 HD - Harvesting Head

    The Lako 83 HD is the largest harvesting head in our range. It is suitable for felling large treesand whole, full-length trunks. The minimum requirement for the base machine is a 27 ton tracked machine. The hydraulic power requirement is over 100 kW.

    By Lako Forest OY Ltd. based in Merimasku, FINLAND. from Lako 3-Series Product line

  • Nokka - Model 1-series Booster - Snow Blowers

    LV 1232 Booster.2-horned model.Booster-blade feeding construction.Working width 225 cm.Clearing width 210 cm.Weight 350 kg. Power requirement 40 hp

    By Nokka Oy based in Muurame, FINLAND. from Nokka Snowblowers Product line

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