Agricultural industry Equipment in Ukraine

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    Purolite - Model PCR642K - Fractionation of Dextrose, Beet Sugar, Beet Molasses, Fibersol

    Basic Features: Application - Fractionation of Dextrose, Beet Sugar, Beet Molasses, Fibersol, Polymer Structure - Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene, Appearance - Spherical beads, Functional Group - Sulfonic Acid, Ionic Form as Shipped - K+

    By Purolite Corporation Office in Dnepropetrovsk, UKRAINE. from Sweetener and Bio-industry Separations Product line

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    Memograph - Model M RSG40 - Advanced Graphic Data Manager

    Paperless recording, visualization and monitoring of the process values at the same time. Safe and complete recording and visualization of all process sequences. The Memograph M RSG40 has a wide range of functionality, modular construction and a intuitive operator concept. With its brilliant 7” TFT display it is possible to display process ...

    By Endress Hauser Office in Kyiv, UKRAINE. from Data Acquisition and Components Product line

  • GTI - Pellets Crumblers for Feed Production

    The crumbler is designed for crumbling up the pellets into particles of the target size. The material to be crumbled goes through the opening in the upper part of the crumbler. There is a flap inside the crumbler’s body for passing the material onto the rollers or besides them. The rollers surface is corrugated for better contact with the ...

    By ICK GROUP based in Kyiv, UKRAINE. from Lines and Equipment for Agriculture Feed Production Product line

  • Pellets Sieving Machine into Fractions for Feed Production

    Pellets sieving machine into fractions is designed for middling classification into specified fractions after pellets crumbler and for fine particles separation from the qualitative pellets as well.

    By ICK GROUP based in Kyiv, UKRAINE. from Lines and Equipment for Agriculture Feed Production Product line

  • AHS - Model Ant 300 K - Anchor Machine

    Code: AHS ANT 300 K. Headlamp: Yes. Starter:  Electric Start / Drawstring. Engine: Honda. Transmission: 3 forward / 1 reverse. Power: 6,5 Hp. Fuel: Gasoline.

    By AHS Anadolu San. ve Tic. (AHS) based in Konya, UKRAINE. from Anchor Machines - Gasoline Product line

  • Model Type 2(2) - Machine for Insemination

    Width of the machine is from 600 to 700mm. The rear foot is roated 180 degrees. Possibility to use individual (14-liter) and shared feedboxes. The door can be opened in three positions. Possibility to manufacture a machine with an opening front part and a feed pipe.

    By Variant Factory Ltd. based in Kharkov, UKRAINE. from Machines for Insemination Product line

  • Solokha - Model BGR-6,7 - Disc Harrow

    Disc harrow BGR-6,7 «Solokha» is applied for cultivation of soils of various mechanical composition with breakage and embedding of stubble remains. It is also applied for soil preparation to sow winter crops after harvesting cultivated crops without deep general soil cultivation. The harrow can be used in all climate zones of Ukraine. ...

    By Galeshina, Machineplant based in Poltava area, UKRAINE.

  • Khoma - Model AChN – 4,2 - Mounted Chisel Plow

    Mounted chisel plow AChN – 4,2 «Khoma» is applied for tillage of moulded and non-moulded agro technical soils with deepening of a plough layer, without moulded soil cropping, deep soil cultivation on slopes and fallow fields, soil breaking and surfacing. The unit provides high-quality cropping on fields of various mechanical ...

    By Galeshina, Machineplant based in Poltava area, UKRAINE.

  • Egg Candler / Ovoscope / Egg Tester

    Ovoscope is a device for determining the quality of eggs by candling them. LED light is a source of light, located inside the body of the egg tester. Free shipping of an ovoscope, when buying an ovoscope along with an incubator.

    By NPK Miniline based in Cherkassy, UKRAINE.

  • Model Leleka-4-1 M - Egg Incubator

    Thermoregulator: electromechanical. Heater: tubular electric heater. Capacity: up to 120 chicken eggs; up to 80 duck or turkey eggs; up to 60 goose eggs; up to 300 quail eggs. Turning: manual egg turning.

    By NPK Miniline based in Cherkassy, UKRAINE.

  • Model Leleka-mini - Egg Incubator

    Thermoregulator: electronic digital. Heater: tubular electric heater. Capacity: up to 24 chicken eggs; up to 20 duck or turkey eggs; up to 12 goose eggs; up to 60 quail eggs. Turning: mechanical egg turning. Fan: built-in.

    By NPK Miniline based in Cherkassy, UKRAINE.

  • Model TSC series - Chain Conveyors

    TSC conveyors are designed to handle horizontal, inclined or horizontal-inclined transportation of grain crops. TSC transporters have reliable industrial design and are able to work with large and long loads. Conveyor chain is made of high-tensile steel with outstanding reserve of tensile strength. Polyurethane scrapers make ...

    By KMZ Industries based in Karlovka, UKRAINE. from Conveyors Product line

  • Model UT60 - Innovative Multi-Purpose Catarpillar Tractor

    Innovative multi-purpose catarpillar for work in vineyards, gardens, forestry and city service. 60 UT evo possess universality and the compact sizes that allows it to work as all types of the equipment in narrow row-spacings and at a high slope. In UT of 60 evo very important feature is its driving universality as the tractor can cope from a ...

    By Agroremmash - Spetstehnika based in Kirovograd, UKRAINE.

  • Model TCO - Scraping Conveyor

    Scraping conveyor TCO is designed for the grain processing products transportation, animal feed and other bulk load. Scraping conveyor is used in elevators, grain reception centers, factories for cereals, animal feed, and oil extracting.

    By Olis, Ltd. based in Odessa, UKRAINE. from Transport Product line

  • Universal - Peat Substrates

    Peat substrate is ready to use. The substrate is for commercial and recreational growing of most room, balcony, and vegetable plants that require the average grade of nutrition components. The substrate is made on the basis of high quality highbog peat deoxidized with limestone power with addition of mineral constituents (pearlite, bank sand). The ...

    By Peatfield based in Kiev, UKRAINE. from Hobby Series- Substrates for Home Plants Product line

  • Enriched Colony Systems for Laying Hens

    The alternative cage system for laying hens housing combines all advantages of the cage system with accomplishments of the alternative housing system. It provides optimal poultry housing conditions and substantial economy of expenses during exploitation. The main advantage of alternative cage system is the bigger space, which is provided for ...

    By Texha PA LLC based in Kiev, UKRAINE. from Cage Equipment Product line

  • Layers Housing System

    TEXHA cage equipment for laying hens is considered to be one of the best in the world market in the opinion of both domestic and foreign poultry farmers. When creating a standard cage projects for laying hens specialists of TEXHA design office take into account all the needs and requirements of customers. The choice of equipment depends on:

    By Texha PA LLC based in Kiev, UKRAINE. from Egg Production Product line

  • Feed Mixer

    Reliable, accurate and high-tech weighing system for feed mixer

    By Dinamica Generale S.p.A. Office in Kiev, UKRAINE. from Precision Feeding Product line

  • Trucks

    KAMAZ is a leader in the market of trucks in Ukraine and CIS countries. KAMAZ group of companies — the largest manufacturer of trucks in Russia — occupies the 11th place among leading global manufacturers of heavy trucks and the 8th place in the world in terms ...

    By Agro-Soyuz Holding based in Yubileyny town, UKRAINE.

  • Granivit - Universal Protectant for Wheat Seeds

    Universal protectant for wheat seeds, barley and maize against wide range of fungoid disease excitant.

    By Agrosfera based in Sobinov str., UKRAINE.

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