Agricultural industry Equipment in Missouri

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    Myron L - Model Ag-Stik™ 599A - Agriculture Sensor Systems

    Features: Extremely simple set-up. Reliable Operation. Minimal Maintenance. Standard 115 VAC (230 VAC Optional). Sensor/STIK included with 10 ft. cord. EC Range 500-5000 μS/μM. NEMA 4X/IP65 Fiberglass Weatherproof, wall-mount enclosure with 316 stainless steel hardware standard.

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    Myron L - Hydroponic Instruments - Handheld Meters, Monitors and Kit

    Handheld meters measure TDS and/or pH. Monitor measures TDS. all instruments are easy to operate and calibrate. High degree of accuracy. Immediate results. Kit comes with solutions required to calibrate. temperature Compensated readings.

    By Myron L Company Distributor in MISSOURI (USA). from Portable Water Testing Instruments Product line

  • Hay Trailers

    EZ-Haul was the very first to design & manufacture trailers with our double latch system, which supports the weight by two latches for extra safety and less stress on the trailer. The EZ-Haul Hay Handler is the #1 self unloading hay trailer built.

    By Cope Trailer Sales based in Martinsburg, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Utility Trailers

    Cope Trailers Is Proud To Be A Full Line Aluma Trailer Dealer Featuring The Light And Durable Aluma Utility Trailers.

    By Cope Trailer Sales based in Martinsburg, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Land Pride - Model FM 21 Series - Flail Mowers

    Land Pride Flail Mowers are the perfect choice for schools and other recreational areas when people may be present. The duck footed blade on the 21 Series gives a nice even cut and tapered ends on the rear roller prevent gouging during tight turns. With the FM21 Series rotor working in the opposite direction of travel, the cut grass is brought up ...

    By Land Pride - Great Plains Manufacturing Office in MISSOURI (USA). from Grooming Mowers- Flail Mowers Product line

  • Playground Mulch

    Size: 3/8” – 5/8” ASTM certified. Following proper ASTM guidelines, rubber mulch is twice as safe as other playground material such as sand, gravel or wood mulch.

    By Granuband Macon, LLC based in Macon, MISSOURI (USA).

  • MycoSpin - Model 400 - Multi-Mycotoxin Two-Step Cleanup Column

    Romer Labs MycoSpin 400 multi-mycotoxin two-step cleanup column in a spin format was developed to be used for most regulated mycotoxins to shorten the time-consuming cleanup process. Multiple mycotoxins can be analyzed simultaneously by LC-MS/MS. Highly accurate LC-MS/MS results are achieved by combining the MycoSpin 400 cleanup with Biopure 13C ...

    By Romer Labs Diagnostic GmbH Office in Union, MISSOURI (USA). from Cleanup Columns Product line

  • Colostrx - Model CS - Livestock Supplement

    When Mother Nature needs a hand, count on Colostrx CS. Colostrx CS is for use as a supplement to maternal colostrum when assurance of added immunity is desired or when the quality or quantity of maternal colostrum is unsure. USDA licensed for the treatment of Failure of Passive Transfer of immunity and aid prevention of death associated ...

    By AgriLabs based in St Joseph, MISSOURI (USA). from Livestock Products Product line

  • DEM - Model C Series - Venturi Injectors

    The “C” series injectors are supplied with 3 water nozzle bushings for accurate sizing of injector to water flow. They are equipped with a metering screw or use metering tips to adjust the dilution of the product. C Series injectors have a Ryton metering knob and check valve core for high chemical resistance and operate in pressure as ...

    By DEMA Engineering Company based in Saint Louis, MISSOURI (USA). from Venturi Injectors Product line

  • HPX - Rupture Disc

    The HPX rupture disc is a scored reverse acting rupture disc. This differential pressure relief device features an instantaneous full-open relief area for potecting equipment, vessels, systems and people from an overpressure condition. This high precision reverse acting rupture disc offers proven performance in excess of 250,000 cycles at 95% ...

    By Continental Disc Corporation - Groth Corporation based in Liberty, MISSOURI (USA). from Reverse Acting Product line

  • Model ZAP & KBA - Rupture Disc

    Continental Disc Corporation's ZAP & KBA reverse acting rupture discs utilize knife blades to open the rupture discs as reversal occurs. The ZAP & KBA rupture discs have the media pressure acting on the convex side of the rupture disc, placing it in compression. When the burst pressure rating of the rupture disc is reached, the compression ...

    By Continental Disc Corporation - Groth Corporation based in Liberty, MISSOURI (USA). from Reverse Acting Product line

  • ULTRX - Rupture Disc

    The ULTRX Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) is a scored, reverse acting rupture disc (bursting disc). It is a differential pressure relief device that provides an instantaneous full-open, non-reclosing design for protecting equipment, vessels and systems from an overpressure condition. The ULTRX Rupture Disc (Bursting Disc) has Continental Disc's  ...

    By Continental Disc Corporation - Groth Corporation based in Liberty, MISSOURI (USA). from Reverse Acting Product line

  • Buhler Farm King Finishing Mower

    Since its introduction in 1987, Farm King finishing mowers have become popular on farms, golf courses and wherever large lawns are manicured.  Buhler Farm King builds top quality finishing mowers recognized to be among the best in the industry.  Manufactured with top quality material for a top quality performance.

    By Barnes Implement & Tractor Supply Co. based in Montgomery City, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Model RigiPot - Reusable Plastic Container

    Offered in a range of sizes to suit all applications, the IPL RigiPot is designed to answer the needs of the tree nursery and forestry industry. Its reusability and durability makes it as economical as it is respectful of the environment.

    By IPL inc. Office in Lee`s Summit, MISSOURI (USA). from Material Handling Product line

  • UNISERT - Assembly for Flat Seat Rupture Discs

    Continental Disc Corporation's UNISERT Assembly is a flat seat rupture disc holder which provides improved rupture disc sealing capabilities. It is designed to house either the MICRO X Rupture Disc or the Composite Flat Seat Rupture Disc. These non-fragmenting-designed rupture discs provide a wide choice of burst ratings from the low pressures of ...

    By Continental Disc Corporation - Groth Corporation based in Liberty, MISSOURI (USA). from Specialized Holder Products Product line

  • Durabilt - Utility Grade

    The Utility Grader has an 8’ blade that can tilt approximately 20 degrees and swivel approximately 45 degrees. It can be operated with as small as a 20 hp tractor. It is perfectly suited for all your small grading projects. 

    By ACI Distributors based in St. Charles, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Bush-Whacker - Model ST-180 Elite - Heavy Duty 15 Foot Flex-Wing Rotary Cutter

    ST-180 Elite raises the bar for flex-wing rotary cutters on the market. Built off the time-tested T-180, the ST-180 has a smooth top deck for ease of cleaning. The ST-180 will show up to work everyday and will tackle the toughest mowing challenges.

    By Walt`s Tractor LLC based in Stark City, MISSOURI (USA). from Bush-Whacker - Flex-Wing Rotary Cutters Product line

  • Filtrexx - Vegetated Filter Strip

    Filtrexx Vegetated Filter Strip is a temporary or permanent filtration practice used to reduce site sediment and soluble pollutants, such as nutrients, heavy metals, bacteria, and petroleum hydrocarbons, from leaving a site and entering conveyance systems or receiving waters. Permanent vegetation is designed to increase storm water infiltration ...

    By Filtrexx International, LLC Office in Fenton, MISSOURI (USA).

  • Land-Pride - Model FSP Series - Broadcast Spreaders

    FSP Series rotary/spin type Broadcast Spreaders are capable of spreading seed, sand, salt, top dressings, lime, prilled/granular fertilizer, and most all other types of granular materials at delivery rates ranging from 43-890 lbs. per acre. Agitator extension comes standard. The spread rate, capability, and range of hopper capacities make FSP ...

    By Land Pride - Great Plains Manufacturing Office in MISSOURI (USA). from Seeders- Spreaders Product line

  • Coose - Model Ranch Hand - Livestock Trailer

    The Ranch Hand has features on the gates and latches that make it more user friendly and are EXCLUSIVE ONLY to Coose. From urethane paint to butterfly slam latches to our all popular Gate-N-Gate in the center gate; your Coose trailer will be easier to use and last longer than ever before.

    By Coose Trailers Mfg., Inc. based in Lockwood, MISSOURI (USA).

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