Agricultural industry Equipment in North Dakota

  • Elmer - Header Transports

    Elmers Header Transports have a simple, heavy duty design with operator friendly features and high speed capabilities.

    By Elmer`s Manufacturing Ltd Office in Neche, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Commercial Bins

    Maximum capacities, hefty protection. The heavy-duty stiffeners in Superior Commercial Bins are deeper and stronger than others. They carry vertical loads to the foundation and resist wind loads more effectively than unstiffened bins. We provide a one-piece roof panel on bins up to 60 feet in diameter and offer structured roofs with up to 50,000 ...

    By Superior Inc. based in Kindred, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Commercial Bins Product line

  • ABU - Pintle Hitch Trailers

    Standard Features; 14 lb. – 22 lb. 12” W-Beam. Axles Options- 7K, 10K, 12K. Electric Brakes. 3” Channel Crossmembers. 4’ Split Lift Up Beavertail w/ Spring Assist. Pintle Coupler. Stake Pockets. 12,000 lb. Drop Leg Jack w/ Spring Return. 24’-40’ Lengths ( Longer or Shorter Lengths Available). Stored Ramps. Drop ...

    By ABU Trailers Inc. based in Dwight, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Pintle Hitch Trailers Product line

  • CMC - Tube Augers

    If your needs call for a tube auger that is designed to withstand the use and abuse of a busy operation, look to CMC. The Tube Augers are available in 8”, 10”, and 13” diameters. The intake and discharge sections are 5’ long with 5’ and 10’ extension sections.

    By Custom Marketing Company (CMC) based in West Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Tube Augers Product line

  • CoulterChisel - Combines Coulter Blades

    The CoulterChisel combines coulter blades with chisel shanks, making it a great option for those who want more residue sizing and mixing than a standard chisel plow can offer. It also includes a 4-bar harrow for ensuring a level soil profile.

    By Summers Manufacturing Co., Inc based in Devils Lake, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Combines Coulter Blades Product line

  • Haugen - Rod Bucket

    The Rod bucket is ideal for digging up rocks and sifting through dirt.  Tines are 7/8' round rod. Excellent visibility.  Heavy-duty replaceable teeth. Available in 60', 68', and 76' widths.

    By Marv Haugen Enterprises based in Casselton, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Rod Bucket Product line

  • DiskChisel - Tillage

    It's more than a chisel plow. The DiskChisel is the ultimate tillage tool for mixing residue and breaking compaction. Featuring a front row of individually hub-mounted disk blades followed by four ranks of chisel shanks and a 4-bar harrow, it’s an ideal fit for many fall tillage programs.

    By Summers Manufacturing Co., Inc based in Devils Lake, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Tillage Product line

  • Weed Badger - Model 4200 - Rugged In-Row Tiller for Smaller Tractors

    This dependable, rugged in-the-row tillage tool was engineered especially for growers using smaller tractors. Yet its compact size compromises nothing when it comes to weed killing power. This precision in-row tiller is designed and built to the same rigid standards as its big brother the Model 4000 Weed Badger. The Model 4200 includes the same ...

    By Weed Badger based in Marion, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Rugged In-Row Tiller for Smaller Tractors Product line

  • Elmer - Row Crop Cultivator

    Elmers Row Crop Cultivator is the best solution to maximize the growth in the early stages of your row crop. The unique rolling shield design protects the plants while making it virtually impossible to plug.

    By Elmer`s Manufacturing Ltd Office in Neche, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Bismarck - Motor Reversing Solenoid

    Includes mounting screws.

    By Bismarck Canvas Inc based in Menoken, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Motor Reversing Solenoid Product line

  • Weed Badger - Model SS600 - 4-Wheel Drive In-Row Skid-Steer Mower

    Turn your skid-steer into a 4-wheel drive in-row tiller or mower. Weed Badger Model SS600 units have been killing weeds in nurseries, vineyards, orchards, windbreaks, and shelterbelts since 1979. Many of the earliest model machines are still in operation today. Put an end to the inconsistent results of herbicides. Landscapers and farmers use this ...

    By Weed Badger based in Marion, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from 4-Wheel Drive In-Row Skid-Steer Mower Product line

  • Rigid Harvester

    The Alloway Standard Harvester has a lot of the same great features it had in the past, such as its exclusive curved parabolic elevator which eliminates troublesome spring tension arms and results in less beet damage and losses. The grab rolls, paddle shafts and new chain bed utilize dual drive technology which reduces stress on support bearings ...

    By Alloway Standard Industries based in Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Rigid Harvester Product line

  • EZ Spot UR - Model EZ-2010 - Rock & Tree Handler (5 finger)

    The Rock and Tree Hand is the ideal multi-purpose attachment. Originally designed to handle palm trees, the Rock and Tree Hand is used for much more applications.  Precise and Powerful, it is the perfect tool to handle heavy material that needs an accurate set-up. Mounted on a rotating base, it will rotate up to 127 degrees, and opens up to ...

    By EZ Spot UR based in Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Rolin - Swather Transports

    Farmers often have to move long distances between fields. It's also important to 'make hay when the sun shines'. Everyone's lives are so busy that saving time is of utmost importance. The Rolin swather transport can help save that time. It is very versatile with the ability to transport any size swather or sprayers up to 25,000 lbs.

    By Rolin Manufacturing based in New Salem, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Seedburo - Model 8800SS - Digital Computer Grain Scale

    The new Seedburo 8800SS Digital Computer Grain Scale features the latest in grading scales. It’s not only the most accurate on the market, it is also the industry leader. Based on proven technology, the 8800SS provides you with dockage (foreign material) percentage, test weight results in pounds per bushel or kilograms per hectoliter, and ...

    By Agassiz Seed and Supply based in West Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Digital Computer Grain Scale Product line

  • Farm Bins

    With increased harvest capacities and fluctuating grain prices, on-farm storage allows you the ability to store your grain until the time is just right to sell.  With Superior’s high-quality construction and the strongest roof in the industry, you know your grain is going to be protected all the time. Our farm bins range from 15- to ...

    By Superior Inc. based in Kindred, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Farm Bins Product line

  • Reiten - Grain

    Reiten Inc. the original manufacturer of high quality aluminum truck boxes for grain, feed and seed. Aluminum stakeless grain bodies are ideally suited for the Feed & Seed dealer or the farmer/contract hauler.  whether you have loose or palletized cargo our corrugated sides and forklift proven tongue and groove platform will not let you ...

    By Reiten Inc. based in Cooperstown, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Haybuster - Model EZE - 3106 - Rock Pickers

    The 3106 ROCK-EZE clears your fields of rocks sized from 2 (5.08 cm) to 15 inches (38.1 cm) in diameter. As you can see in the picture above, the 3106 can make a remarkable difference.

    By DuraTech Industries International, Inc. based in Jamestown, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Rock Pickers Product line

  • Bourgault - Model 6280 - Air Seeder

    The Model 6280 Air Seeder offers many large tank features in a smaller tank size.

    By Bourgault Industries Ltd Office in Minot, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Air Seeder Product line

  • FiberMate - Model 20 - Net wt 250 lbs (114 kg) - Starter Blocks

    FiberMate blocks are an important part of the SweetPro “stage of growth” series. Designed for the essential fortification of brood cow, stocker cattle and goat requirements for vitamins A, D & E, plus protein, calcium, phosphorus and trace elements including selenium. We do not use urea, rather, we use ammonium sulfate and biuret.

    By SweetPro based in Walhalla, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Starter Blocks Product line

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