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Locker Rooms


While we are known for our design and fabrication of heavy duty industrial enclosures, our customized approach gives us the versatility to manufacture rooms for various uses. In recent years, StarFlite Systems has become a trusted source for locker rooms. Whether it be for workers on a drilling site or the local high school football team, we are here to meet your needs. Our pre-fabricated locker rooms can be as big or small as needed, and can be installed outside as a stand-alone unit or placed in an existing building. We can supply just the enclosure on its own, or provide the assembly with all the necessary benches, lockers, stalls, etc.

The goal at StarFlite Systems is to help the customer reach their end goal in the most efficient and effective way possible. Count on us to complete all phases of the project, from design and engineering to quoting and fabrication. Our locker rooms are built to last, with nothing but the customer’s end goal in mind.

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