- Model FH 4000 - Combi Machine



The FH4000 Combimachine is both a Forwarder and a Harvester. In short the loading grapple on the forwarder is replaced with a harvester head or vice versa. The replaement work is moderate, a. 30 minutes with the changing stay. The Keto Forst Harvester Head has a felling diameter of some over 30 cm. The power of the loader is sufficient for handling of trees in a thinning when the trees have a medium size of 50-100 dm³. The thinning work can be done as high quality work - and especially, the Forwarder can use exactly same track as the harvester since it is the same machine. The measuring device can be chosen from variety of models. Procuctivity in a thinning is on the average level, only with remarkably lower costs. Logbear machines are an excellent choice for a 'one man' contractor!

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