- Model Series 550 & 650. - Swing Yarder



Our Customers are speaking and T-MAR is listening.  For many years the fleet of log yarders on the west coast of British Columbia has provided loggers with a productive and reliable method of retrieving logs from rugged terrain. These machines are aging though, and with demand for wood products increasing, suitable replacement equipment is tough to find.  This concern has been echoed by loggers around the globe.

This is where the story of T-MAR’s yarder begins.  T-MAR has designed a completely new swing yarder from the ground up.  Jim Mantle, Ed Hughes and their engineering staff have drawn on their years of experience in yarder design to create the most modern, versatile and, quite frankly, the most useful yarder possible.  

Its design will make it easy to transport on public roads keeping cost and weight reasonable.  It features a reliable side by side main drum arrangement with regenerative braking in both directions. The Log-Champ 550 Yarder is driven by the popular CAT C9 Acert 8.8 litre engine and Cat CX28 Powershift transmission (5 forward speeds).  It will use new generation 225 Witchita water cooled slip clutches and band type spotting brakes. 

The T-MAR yarder also features the following

  • 105,000 lbs operating weight, 12’ 6” wide, 12’ high for easy relocation.
  • Main drums - 1500 feet of ¾” dia. Wire rope, 70,000 lbs. pull
  • Haulback drum - 3100 feet  of ¾” dia. Wire rope, 67,000 lbs. pull
  • Strawline drum – 3500 feet of 3/8” dia. Wire rope, 15,000 lbs. pull
  • Side by side main drum arrangement allows for equal speed reverse, independent or tandem operation
  • 36’ gantry with walking fairlead design, lowering package is  standard
  • 50’ boom with fairlead for haulback, 20” sheaves for main and haulback lines
  • 3 Guyline drums, 200 ft of 1” Wire rope capacity
  • Rear entry forestry style cab with hydraulic tilt
  • 860 litre fuel tank capacity
  • Heat treated alloy spur gears for maximum durabilty

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