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Logosol Norwood LM Pro MX34, known as the LumberMate Pro in North America and the UK, is an entirely new sawmill that has all the advantages you would otherwise find in a significantly larger and more expensive band sawmill. This mill delivers what you expect from it, and gets the job done quietly and efficiently. The band wheels are cast in steel, and they are large - 520 mm (20.5”) in diameter. The track where the blade runs is coated with an extremely tolerant plastic material that reduces noise level and blade wear, thanks to the fact that it repels debris. The blade guide is also uncompromising. The blade is led through the log by double sets of ceramic blocks above, below and behind the blade, which is standard today on industrial band sawmills. The wheel and blade guide make the band sawmill able to work effectively while avoiding excessive stress. The result is a band sawmill that cuts more precisely at a greater speed.

High capacity expands the possibilities
The LM Pro saws through the thickest logs without difficulty. The band sawmill can handle logs up to 85 cm (33.5”) thick. This means that those unmanageable pieces of wood suddenly turn into perfect cutting timber. Impressive tabletops up to 70 cm (27.6”) wide can be cut in one piece thanks to the large band opening and the precise blade guides. As you would expect, both the gas and electric models of the LM Pro are equipped with automatic water cooling, making board cutting easier than ever. Both variations are also equipped with a saw brake that quickly stops the saw band after every cut. This not only increases safety, but also boosts capacity since you can now return the saw head more quickly. The saw head is self-locking vertically. Taken together with the other fine-tuning controls of the saw, this makes it very easy to cut a board. Set the saw height; saw, return. That’s all it takes.

Reliable rail construction
The broad self-bearing rail is designed to be more than able to manage the weight of the enormous logs that the band sawmill can tackle. 5.5 mm (7/32”) plates are form-pressed under 400 tons (800000 lbs) of pressure to optimise the torsional stiffness of the construction. This produces a rail that is lightweight but strong and capable of remaining as straight as an arrow even under the largest logs. The LM Pro band sawmill, with its stable saw trolley, saws very quickly compared with other band sawmills of the same size. Powerful motor alternatives are naturally part of the reason behind this, but that is not the whole secret. In order for the band to be able to saw smoothly and without energy losses, the bandsaw wheel and blade guide must be rigidly mounted. The LM Pro’s saw trolley is very powerfully dimensioned, with four steel wheels positioned at a wide distance from one another. This provides effective steadiness for the blade.

Innovative electrical operation
The LM Pro E-Twin (LM Pro Electrical Version) is started by the push of a button, and its power is impressive. The first motor accelerates the band from rest to 110 km/h (68 mph) in one second, then the second motor turns on automatically, and the motor package is ready to deliver at full power. 8 kW (11 hp) is sufficient for most jobs, but there is also a 12 kW (16 hp) configuration.

And innovative electric feeder
Logosol’s patented E37 friction feeder has now been adapted for the LM Pro. You can control both the saw motors and the feeder unit from the control panel located at the end of the sturdy guide rail. Feed pressure is adjustable and feed rate is automatically adjusted to resistance. This provides comfortable sawing that maximizes sawing speed. The board is lifted from the cant by a smart pair of brackets when the saw is reversed, and then sits in a nice stack next to you - you hardly even have to budge. It’s almost too good.

Quiet cutting
What you’ll notice the first time you use your LM Pro is the sound. This is a band sawmill that runs quietly and without vibration. The petrol-driven variety with its securely rolling four-stroke engine, is friendlier to both you and your environment. And if you have the E-twin, you’ll naturally hear nothing at all from the electric motors. There is only the slight whine of the blade. Add to this the sound of hungry saw teeth.

  1. Manual Hydraulic Pump and Selector Valve With a three-way valve, power is supplied to the toe boards and the log loader.
  2. Motorized Hydraulic Pump An additional generator on the petrol motor runs a powerful electric hydraulic pump that supplies power to the hydraulic attachments. A hydraulic control panel for all the hydraulic attachments is included.
  3. Hydraulic Log Loader Load the logs from the ground onto the rails.
  4. Log Turner An efficient log turner with a hydraulic arm that is raised while an electrically powered deep-toothed chain rotates the log.
  5. Hydraulic Log Clamping System Log rests that can be raised or lowered and log dog that clamps the log with great force. Can also be used for turning cants and smaller logs. Everything is controlled hydraulically by using a single lever.
  6. Hydraulic Roller Toe Boards Compensate the natural taper in logs. A sturdy design with rollers makes repositioning logs along the mill easier.
  7. Power Feed and Power Sawhead With the hand-held remote you can set the depth-of-cut and then set the sawing rate continuously by turning a knob. Can be used with a board return system!

  • Effective saw length (standard): 5.10 m (16' 9'') Can be extended by 1.20 m (4') or 0.60 m (2') sections.
  • Log diameter (maximum): 85 cm (34'')
  • Board width (maximum): 70 cm (28'')
  • Final board (minimum): 25 mm (1'')
  • Blade size: One Håkansson blade is included; width: 1 1/4'' (32 mm); Thickness: 1.1 mm (1/16''); blade length: 4.246 m (14')
  • Band wheels: 51.4 cm (20 1/4'') x 2.2 cm (7/8'') Coated with polyurethane. Double sealed ball bearings.
  • Standard length: 6.28 m (20' 7'')
  • Width: 2.0 m (6' 7'')
  • Weight: From approx. 600 kg (1320 lbs)
  • Design: It is designed from 5.5 mm (1/4'') thick galvanised steel which is formed under 400 tonne pressure, thus ensuring strength and rigidity. The result is a lightweight but extremely stable design, which will not deform even under extreme stress.

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