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Long-Shaft Agitator



More then 1000 Armatec long-shaft agitators are installed worldwide! You can mix substrates like renewable raw materials, manure, grops, mais, grass or food and kitchen waste. From the preliminary pit and the hydrolysis tank to the main / post digesters up to the end storage tanks you can use our long-shaft agitators.


  • Electrical motor outside the tank = easy maintenance work
  • Explosion zone II certificated
  • Swivel axis outside the tank
  • Drive shaft have multiple bearings and runs in a oil-bath
  • Suitable for concrete or steel tanks
  • Ceiling installation or for side-entry though the wall

Highest stirring performance and perfect homogenisation – in short-term operating times

  • High efficiency and low energy consumption at different dry matter content
  • For 24-hour operation
  • Wide pivoting range – agitator length up to 5.5m: possible to change and adjustable during operation (floor support not neccessary)
  • Motor power from 11 – 22 kW
  • 2 or 3 Propeller with a rotation speed of 201 r.p.m. – perfect for the bacterial growth. We have pulling or pushing propellers with 8mm blades and different diameters (Ø880 – Ø950). The upper propeller is adjustable on the agitator tube.

Easy installation

The installtion is very easy: you have to fix the base-frame at the set-in concrete frame.

Double corrosion protection

  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • Tar epoxy coating

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