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Two magnetically operated switches, one for the counter and one for the datalogger, are activated by the flow sensing vane. The unidirectional flow sensing vane moves to activate the above switches at all levels of flow and returns to the “off” position by gravity when flow ceases (reverse flow is not detected). The vane conforms to the circumference of the pipe during flow events thereby being virtually invulnerable to debris buildup. The counter is a Veeder-Root Model 79998D-610 self-powered time indicator. The Hobo Model U11 3-State/1-Event Data Logger monitors and logs state changes. The LHE2 Model was developed with assistance from Alberta Agriculture Food and Rural Development Irrigation Branch.


The LOPAC Flow Monitor Model LHE2 has:

  • The original flow sensor and non-resettable counter
  • Hobo Model U11 3-State/1-Event Data Logger
  • External AMP connector for data logging such as a rain gauge (optional). The sensor housing is a 1 ½” diameter stainless steel nipple. This also provides the threaded connection to the pipe to be monitored. The housing for the data logger and counter is a standard PVC tee with 1 ½” threaded base, 2”Ǿ threaded access to datalogger and clear lexan top face for reading the counter. Installation security is provided by a ¼” Ǿ by 2” rod welded to the receiving coupler and a security tape wrapped around the rod and monitor body.

Installation on a closed pipe means cutting a 2 inch hole on the top of the pipe and welding in a flange with a 1 ½” pipe thread. The sensor is then turned into the flange. A post and security tape complete the installation.

Each unit comes with a full three year replacement warranty. In addition, a replacement policy is offered in which a unit can be returned and replaced within 3 to 6 years of the original purchase at 60% of the then current price of the new unit.

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