- Model II - Drill Monitor



The Loup II Drill Monitor allows the user to choose and display up to three functions simultaneously. User-friendly menus allow the user to change what is being displayed, turn sensors on and off, and change any drill settings. “I have been very pleased with the Loup II. It performed exactly as advertised. I use my Landoll drill to plant milo in 30 inch rows and beans in 7.5 inch rows. For milo, the monitor indicated a rate of about 46,000 and when I completed planting and weighted the seed left over, our rate was about 45,500! The unit seemed to do a great job in beans. In planting beans I know I saved more in seed than the Loup unit costs. Overall I rated this product as a must have for a low cost seed monitoring approach.”

  • True population reading for up to 32 rows.
  • Fan
  • Weight information with JP43 Communication Link.
  • 192 rows of seed flow.
  • Optical blockage for 112 Rows.
  • Dispays up to 3 shaft RPM’s.
  • Bargraph display for up to 3 hopper levels.
  • Direct readout for Seeds/Acre, Seeds/Foot.
  • 95% Accurate in Soybeans.
  • User can view 3 display options on one screen.
  • Menu driven for easy operation

  • Displays 3 options at once
  • Accurate Population Readings
  • Accurate Acres
  • Point Row Control
  • Adjustable Alarm Points
  • Adjustable Volume
  • 3 Wire Harness
  • Compact Console perfectly sized for Tractor Cab (5″W x 4″H)

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