Low Profile Resaw



A resaw is the perfect machine for taking square cants and making boards for pallets. With feed speeds capable of 100+ FPM in 6in. green oak this machine can pay for itself in a hurry.

The low profile resaw is setting a high standard in the resaw industry. Its low profile design has many advantages over traditional overhead style resaws, such as the bandsaw blade height adjustment. While other resaws mount the head on top of the bed and adjust blade height, the low profile resaw head is mounted below the bed. This allows you a clear view of the feeding of the cant. In addition, the bed itself doesn't move, only the head. When you need to adjust the bandsaw blade height, you won't have to adjust your infeed and outfeed rollers to keep up with the height adjustment of the bed every time you want to cut a different thickness board.

Cooks Low Profile Resaw has large 26' bandsaw wheels and can accommodate from 1-1/2' x .055 bandsaw blades down to the economical 1 x .035 blade. This machine will fulfill your saw needs and desires. With the wider and thicker Super Sharp Bandsaw Blades you can achieve extremely high rates of cutting feet per minute. Up to 100+ FPM in 6 in. green red oak with great dust removal.

If very thin kerf is an issue for you then the 1' bandsaw blade on this machine is perfect. While the feed speeds will naturally be a little slower you will still be amazed at the speeds you will achieve with the Super Sharp blade on this piece of sawing equipment. 60 FPM is average in 6 inch green red oak, and 100 FPM is not uncommon.2' bandsaw blades are available for this machine if desired.

Another great feature is that we are using a variable frequency drive to control the belt speed. This is superior to any variable speed belt and belts and pulleys are expensive and prone to wear out. The variable frequency drive is a solid state unit that controls the speed of the feed motor. This makes changing of blade speed very simple withe the turn of knob.

Simple... Easy... and Effective design!

Easy high production is what this resaw is all about. Our goal is to help you make more money and have less stress and aggravation as a sawyer. Cooks Low Profile Resaw is the right choice all the way around. You will love this piece of saw equipment simply for its performance and our great customer service.

  • 15hp Three Phase Electric
  • 20hp Three Phase Electric
  • 26' All Metal Bandwheels
  • Variable Frequency Drive 0-100 feet per minute
  • Fully Adjustable Roller Guide System
  • Dual Drip System
  • Emergency Shut Off
  • 6' or 8' Feed Belt Models Available
  • Your Choice of 1', 1-1/2', or 2' blade setup

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