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- Model 60 - Small Vertical Auger



Carrying capacity: 6 tonnes. Cubic Meters Heaped: 6m. Heavy duty fully welded construction. Dynamically balanced twin vertical augers. Augers protected by rubber cushioned drive. Auger gearbox protection via shearbolt. Reversible cutters with re-inforcing plate. One piece auger gearbox arrangement. Long lasting composit floor shaft bearings. Floor protected by cross line relief valve. High torque hydraulic motor. Quick fit socket on full width floor slats. Calibrated grade 80 high tensile floor chains. Variable floor speed control. 1000 rpm PTO speed or 540. Single pole drawbar for tighter turning circle. Hydraulic brakes & handbrake. Full road lighting. Access ladder

Automatic light covers

Machines fitted with slurry doors have Automatic Light Covers as standard. A simple mechanism triggered by the slurry door, moves the light cover over the lights as the slurry door begins to open.

Floor chains

16mm, grade 80, heavy duty chains are drawn by high tensile sprockets, which are fitted to the front shaft as well as the driven rear shaft, ensuring perfect alignment and timing of the chains. Each chain has a 32 tonne breaking strain certificate. The same specification chain is used throughout the Mk4 range.

Automatic light covers

When machines are fitted with a slurry door the LED lights are automatically covered when the door starts to open.

Rubber cushion drive coupling

Especially developed to reduce shock loads to the auger drive gearbox, the rubber cushion arrangement located between the output shaft of the auger gearbox and the base of the auger contributes to the reliability and longevity of the machine.

Floor shaft bushes

Bush highlighted in red.  Floor shafts rotate through Polyester re-enforced composite bushes that contain a solid graphite filler. Chosen for their high load applications in a variety of environments, they are greasable, which further extends their life.

One piece gearbox

The robust one piece SRT 8 gearbox is fitted to both the Lowlander 60 and 80. The precision machined castings house heat treated components which are kept perfectly aligned. Internal gear-sets are unique to Bunning and ensure that auger speeds are optimised to achieve excellent spread patterns.

Floor chain tensioning

A robust, simple and reliable floor tensioning system allows easy adjustment ensuring that chains are kept to their optimum setting. The chains are visible from outside the machine making it easy to judge when tensioning is required. 50 mm high tensile shafts are used.

Full width floor slats

Full width floor slats clear the entire floor area, eliminating the possibility of bridging, a problem sometimes encountered with multi chain and slat floor systems. The “socket fit” design allows for easy maintenance which can be carried out in the field, it also allows the chain to pull straight should a slat become bent.

Floor drive gearbox

The 350 series floor drive gearbox is hydraulically driven to ensure an even feed of material to the spreading mechanism at all times. With a reverse feature, any foreign object too large to pass through the beaters can be easily removed. An adjustable cross-line relief valve also delivers additional protection

Twin dynamically balanced vertical augers

Twin 690mm diameter dynamically balanced vertical augers have flights laser cut from heat treated Boron steel to improve strength and service life. ReversibleHardened Boronpoints manufactured using BORON steel are bolted and supported along the back edge.

RDS GT 400 weigh system

The GT 400 not only displays the live weight in the machine but also allows the operator to add the total weight up by pressing the start/stop button after every load. This simple weigh unit can be fitted through the whole range of Bunning muck spreaders from the 60 to the mammoth 380HD.  The system is integrated with the same load cells as used on the popular and proven RDS Apollo psi indicator.

Tandem Axle, Rocking Beam For 60 & 80

If preferred, a tandem axle rocking beam option is available on these models. Standard rocking beam wheel equipment would be 13.0/65-18, other alternatives are available so please contact us to discuss these options.

LED Strobe/Flashing Lights

These ultra bright LED flashing/strobe lights are fitted as a pair and give a highly visable warning.

Non Standard Colours

While Bunning Blue or Bunning Green are our standard colours. From a BS or RAL number we can paint your machine in almost any colour.

Weigh cells with automatic rate control

The RDS Apollo spreader controller has all the features for today’s farming techniques. Target application rate is entered into the controller which then monitors the load and adjusts the floor speed accordingly. GPS variable rate technology is supplied as standard and the system can receive an application rate from a third party controller such as John Deere Greenstar, Raven or Trimble. Or a predefined application map can be loaded to the SD card and automatically vary the rate (Precision Farming). Data can be logged via the optional printer

or saved to a SD card, which can then be exported to an Excel spreadsheet along with treatment maps.  Live weighing is via 20 tonne weigh cells situated on both axle and drawbar. This is then clearly viewed on the controller screen together with your speed, target rate and live application rate. There is a choice of either using the machine in ‘Automatic or Manual Control’ depending on your requirements.

Air brakes

A choice of either 2 Line Air Only Brakes or Dual Supply (2 Line Air and Hydraulic) Brakes.

Slurry door height indicator

This options allows the operator to monitor door opening positions in relation to application rates

Drop down covers for deck cleaning

To help clean out the deck area around the bottom of the augers these covers can be opened to allow material and water to flow out

Simple canopy

Designed for use when spreading low applications of products like Lime and chicken litter, the canopy ensures that all material is spread by the bottom auger blades

Lift off augers

To enable the machine to be used for other jobs the auger assembly can be removed for the faster unloading of products such as grass, maize silage and even grain

Printer for PSi Apollo Spreader Controller records

This compact printer is connected to the RDS Apollo Controller and produces a receipt which can be printed off showing Start & Finish Time, Job Number, Farm & field Number, Target Rate, Total Area and Total Weight. This can be kept for your records or supplied to your customer as a receipt for work complete.

Steel PTO guard

This option is designed to protect the PTO shaft from damage by the tractors lift arms.

Tool box

A robust item designed with a sloping lid to reduce the build up of material

Wide angle PTO assembly

The wide angle joint allows for turning on headlands with the PTO still engaged. It should be noted that the manufacturers recommend that you do not turn with the PTO under load.

Double acting Hydraulic guillotine slurry door (End Gate)

An extremely strong design and construction ensures that the door can be used as a grading device for light applications of materials as well as a device for retaining very running products.

Build weigh cell ready

As an option the machine can be manufactured to take weigh cells at a future date. The dummy weigh cells can be easily removed and replaced with full weigh cells.

In cab electric floor speed control

The in-cab electric remote floor speed control allows the operator to make adjustments to the floor speed while on the move.

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