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- Model 140 - Truck Mount Large Volume Vertical Auger



Carrying capacity: 14 tonnes. Cubic Meters Level: 8.5m. Heavy duty fully welded construction. Handles all manure types and other materials. Widebody (965mm – 38″ dia.) dynamically balanced twin vertical augers. 1830mm Internal body width. Augers protected by rubber cushioned drive. Auger gearbox protection via shearbolt. 10mm thick auger flights from heat treated boron steel. Reversible cutters with re-inforcing plate. One piece auger gearbox arrangement. High tensile rear floor shaft. Long lasting composit floor shaft bearings. Floor protected by cross line relief valve. High torque hydraulic motor. Quick fit socket on full width floor slats. Calibrated 20mm (3/4″) grade 80 high tensile floor chains. Variable floor speed control. 1000 rpm PTO speed. Full road lighting. Access ladder. Choice of standard colour 2 pack paint finish

Floor drive gearbox 800 series
The 800 series floor drwe gearbox b hydra ufcaly driven to ensure an even feed of material to the spreading mechanism at al times. Vrtth a reverse feature, any foreign object too large to pass through the beaters can be easSy removed. An adjustable cross-ine refcef vah/e also deivers additional protection.The Vfidebody 320 & 3S0HD models are fitted nth 2 floor drive gearboxes as standard.

One piece gearbox
The rob ust one piece gearbox houses internal gear sets unique to Bunnings in order to ensure that auger speeds are optimised to achieve excelent spread patterns. They are large in diameter with 54mm output shafts manufactured from heat treated steel The precision machined castings ensu re perfect alignment of all the drweine components.

Twin dynamically balanced vertical augers
Twin 965mm diameter dynamkaty balanced vertical augers have fights laser cut from heat treated Boron steel to improve strength and service ife. 20mm thick reversible points manufactured using heat treated Boron steel are bolted and supported along the back edge.

Rubber cushion drive coupling
Especiaty developed to reduce shock loads to the auger drive gearbox, the rubber cushion arrangement located between the output shaft of the auger gearbox a nd the base of the auger contributes to the reiabBty and longevity of the machine.

Floor shaft bushes
60mm floor drrve shafts rotate through polyester reinforced composite bushes that contain a soid graphite f*er, chosen for their high load appScabons in a variety of environments they are greasable, further extending their life. Bush highfcghted in red.

Full width floor slats
Ful width floor slats dear the whole floor eliminating the possibSty of bridging - a problem sometimes encountered with multj slat floor systems. The socket fit design facStates maintenance, which can be carried out in the field. It also alows the chain to pul straight, should a slat become bent.

Floor chain tensioning
A robust, simple and reiable floor tensioning system ensures floor chain tension can be east/adjusted in order to be kept to its optimum setting. Roor chains are visible from the exterior of the machine making it easy to judge when tensioning is required.

20mm Floor chains
Grade 80 20mm heavy duty chains are drawn by high tensie sprockets. Sprockets are fitted to the front floor shaft as wel as the drwen rear shaft, ensuring perfect aignment and timing of the chains, which, in turn makes for a more reiable floor drive. Each chain has 50 tonne breaking toad.

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