- Wire Lifter



Machine for the lifting and tying of the green shoots of the trellising with low fruit-bearing shoots and ascending vegetation. The machine operates at one side of the row, lifts the roots delicately guiding then in vertical position and tightening them with one or two ropes constantly tightened during the advancement and fastened to the wire of the row with mechanical staples closed with a pneumatic or mechanical fastener operated by hands by the operator transported on a platform mounted on the hoister of the (tired or tracked) tractor.

  • Lateral application to the tractor in medial position;
  • shoots lifting belt with flexible rubber cover for the soft treatment of vegetation
  • in the final part of the shoot lifting arm an articulation prevents any breakage or damage in case of obstacles
  • articulated shoot approach rolling belt absorbing any irregularity of the row
  • pneumatic, light, rapidly rechargeable staple fastener
  • light, economical, mechanical fastener
  • high capacity compressor; with universal connection to the power outlet of the tractor
  • condense water discharge, with lubricator and pressure regulator, safety valve
  • hydraulic operation directly from the driving system of the tractor
  • working height up to 2.6 m from the soil
  • consumption: 3000 – 5000 staples and 15-20 kg of rope /hectare of trellised vegetation.

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