Model LT Series - Supersprayer



Available with 60- to 110-foot boom lengths, LT Supersprayers feature a patented boom design with all functions controlled from a single remote. They offer a long list of standard features, making them the most durable and efficient pull-type field sprayers on the market. The LT series was previously known as the Ultimate NT sprayers.


LT Supersprayers are available with 1,000-, 1,500- and 1,650-gallon tank options. Standard tank features include an electric dual jet agitator, agitator flow control, inline strainer, 3-inch bottom fill, and fully drainable sump.


The corrosion-resistant boom design includes electric ball valves for the left, right and center boom sections. Other standard features include boom line strainers and boom drains.

Hydraulic Boom Adjustment

Conveniently manage all boom functions from the tractor cab with one controller. The electrohydraulic system lets you easily change the boom height anywhere from 18 to 66 inches on the go. You can independently raise and lower the right and left tips up to 12 degrees, and you can also fold and unfold the sections between transport and field positions.

Boom Linkage

Rugged, parallel linkage helps maintain rigidity in the boom lift system. The unique design also keeps the nozzles pointed at the proper angle to the ground throughout all boom heights.

Shock Absorption

The parallel linkage system is equipped with nitrogen-charged accumulators to help absorb shock. The accumulators provide an extremely smooth ride that’s unmatched by any other pull-type sprayer.

Corrosion-Resistant Components

Corrosion isn’t a concern on Summers sprayers. That’s because we use rust-resistant components throughout the booms.

Electronic Control System

A Raven 450 system offers independent control of the five boom sections. It automatically adjusts application rates according to the cart speed, which can be detected with the standard GPS sensor or by connecting the unit to the tractor’s performance monitor or GPS receiver. The controller also displays the actual gallons per acre applied, gallons per minute, total volume applied, remaining tank volume, time, total area worked, vehicle speed and distance traveled.

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