Ltimate Subsurface Irrigation System.



Traditional drip irrigation is found above ground, now with the invention of ROOTGUARD¹, the lines can be buried below ground for a long, trouble-free life. Subsurface irrigation allows the precise application of water, nutrients and other agro- chemicals directly to the root zone of plants. This allows the farmer to optimize the growing environment and leads to higher quality and quantity crop yields. By stressing product quality, dependability and ease of use, Geoflow is providing the best products available in the Subsurface irrigation market today.

The depth and placement of subsurface driplines is determined by the soil composition and the crop needs. An efficient installation has water moving by capillary action at a depth of 4 to 30 inches beneath the surface, forming a continuous wetted area along the plant rows. Frequent irrigation cycles (several times daily) maximize capilllary action and minimize water surfacing.

1. ROOTGUARD is a registered trademark of A.I. Innovations
2. Research performed by the US Department of agriculture/ARS in Fresno.

Comparison table
Given the same amount of water, subsurface drip irrigation covers a 46% larger wetted colume of soil than a surface drip system. This decreases the saturation point of the soil, which not only leaves room for more air, but also improves the capillary movement of water and decreases the water lost to deep percolation.

Nano-ROOTGUARD is the key to Geoflow’s success with subsurface drip irrigation. ROOTGUARD technology combines Treflan®, or in the E.U. Balan®, with the drip emitter to inhibit root growth. The herbicide is released at a uniform rate, maintaining sufficient concentration in the soil immediately surrounding the drip emitter to prevent root growth into the emitter. Built-in ROOTGUARD protection is guaranteed by Geoflow to prevent roots from growing into subsurface drip emitters. Nano-ROOTGUARD is a patented Geoflow improvement which increases the expected life from 20years to 30 years. Balan &Treflan are registered trademarks of Dow AgroSciences.

Subsurface drip systems use the same basic components as surface drip systems, including water filtration and treatment, fertilizer injection, air vents, flush valves and controls.

Geoflow specializes in manufacturing trouble-free subsurface drip irrigation, in both pressure compensating and turbulent flow models, with ROOTGUARD protection.

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