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Lube Oil Blending Control System


Sharlu being very active in the Lube Oil industries, are well known in major automotive lube oil manufacturing and blending. They have plants in Saudi Arabia and Khalid Port Sharjah. The plant was facing difficulties in storage requirements and hence their management decided to build a new facility at New Industrial Area in Sajja. DESCON was invited to design a fully automated Blending faciltiy for them. A trust established during the past association between DESCON and Sharlu has been enhance by taking up this challenge of designing of the plant including the Piping design.

Sharlu has plans to store Base Oil and Additive Tanks in 26 tanks. A pipeline network to be designed to suit No or minimum spillage and direct to kettles. Flow Metering to be Accurate and with minimum user interventions. Flow Controlled by Actuator Valves.
Solution Expected: Sharlu production schedule for 3 shifts of works to be automated by the new production line. Lube Oil Blending Control system to be monitored by the Quality Control / Laboratory in Sharlu facilities. Base Oil and Addtive Tanks Leve to be monitored Motors for Loading / unloading to be operable from the system Application description: Control System for Lube Oil Blending Operations. Variety of Base Oil and Additives are measured by Promass and transferred to blending kettles while the quantity verification and blending operation are monitored and controlled by E+H ControlCare hardware and PView Visualization.
For management access WebHMI also enabled. Base Oil and Additives are taken from different tanks which have Level Switches to protect from dry running and overfill. Tank Farm is controlled from a Field Controller Panel via HSE (High Speed Ethernet). There are 7 (seven) Kettles for blending operations. These would have necessary heaters and temperature transmitters to monitor the temperature. A blending mechanism driven by suitable motors which are controlled by our offered system. After blending the raw materials until a pre determined time and/or a temperature set point the process will be stopped and the product will be transferred tot holding tanks.

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