- Model 7 - Broad Spectrum Liquid Nutrient



LUCKY 7  is a broad-spectrum liquid nutrient formulation complexed with MCT. LUCKY 7 is a complete nutrient package containing most macro- and micronutrients. LUCKY 7 provides excellent foliar nutrition, as well as feeding the beneficial biology in the soil. This is a complete nutrient product designed for all types of crops, trees, vines, turf, and ornamentals in a wide range of conditions. It provides an excellent foundation for the maintenance of vigorous growth.

Now you can improve the uptake and efficiency of N-P-K applications, thanks to HUMA GRO macronutrient fertilizer products. Our concentrated and complex formulations maximize nutrient availability for improved plant quality. The added efficiency of HUMA GRO products will let you achieve superior results with less fertilizer—and lower fertilizer expense. Thus, in addition to saving money, you reduce the amounts of N, P and K residue, which is better for the environment and more sustainable for the future.

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