- Remote Controlled Mulching Machine/ Carrier



LUF has opened a new branch with the development of the LUF Bush-Fighter™. The LUF Bush-Fighter™ is a radio remote controlled multi-equipment carrier which can transport f.e.: Forestry mulchers, stump grinders, mowers,... to inaccessible places. Banks up to 45° can be handled by the machine in all directions. It's an world - innovation cause now is f.e.: stump grinding in steep banks possible. 100% of the diesel engine power (100HP) is provided to the front end attachment by a closed hydraulic circuit. LUF offers his customers a high qualitiy and economic machine which do it's job at areas where dangerous and exhausting handcraft work had to be done till now.

Motortyp: KUBOTA
Design: four cylinder--,four stroke, in-line engine,
exhaust optimized
Acc. To 97/68 EG Step 3a (COM IIIa)
Power: 74,9 kW (100 PS)
Measuring cond.:: Env. temperature: 25°C
Altitude of height: 100 m
Relative humidity: 30 %
RPMl: 2.600 RPM/min
Type of cooling: water cooling system, thermostatic controlled

Steppless telescopic 300mm on each side
Incl. adjustment of center of gravity via remote
control. Made of heavy duty hardox material
Min. working width: 1400 mm
Max. working width: 2000 mm
Crawler pads: 300mm double grouser inc. Fastening bores
Standard-equipment: rubber pads for each 4th crawler pad,
irons for each 3rd. Crawler pad
Control: 2 travel speeds (stepless)
Switching via remote control
Max travel speed 6 km/h (other transmissions possible)

Made with high-tensile Hardox 450 material
max. weight of tool 550 kg
stepless hydr. adjustable via remote control
max. angle of repose 45°

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