- Model C - Coated Sodium Butyrate



Novyrate C is based on the ‘Gradual Release’ coating-technology, supporting the animal in developing an optimally functioning intestinal tract, and targeting microbial imbalances. Slow release butyrate is essential for maximal benefit. To be able to benefit from all positive metabolic effects of butyrate, a special optimised slow release coating is required, based on:

  • A specific spray cooling technique
  • Selection of a vegetable fat with a high melting point.
  • Butyrate with a low molecular weight, being Na-butyrate, to have the highest amount of active components.

This coating has been demonstrated to have a low release at the level of the stomach, but at the same time, making the active molecule completely available in the intestinal tract. It ensures the efficiency of Novyrate® C being used in different stages of the animal’s life.

Dose in feed : Piglets : 1 -2 kg/T – Broilers: 0,250-1,0kg/T – Breeders : 0,5 – 1kg/T  – Layers: 0,250 – 0,500 kg/T – Turkeys : 0,5 – 1kg/T  – Calf : 1 -3 kg/T  – Sows : 1 kg/T

Much research work as well as field experience have demonstrated the beneficial effect of using Butyrate combined either with other organic acids and/or essential oils and botanicals. Such combinations can prove to be more effective than using any single material alone. Novyrate® S is a product which combines the slow release coating process with a mixture of other organic acids targeting microbial imbalance.

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