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- Model 22 mm - Venlo-Based Roof System



The Lumenex 22 mm System; the sustainable standard for greenhouses. The Venlo-based roof system with roof and vents for 22 mm double-glass is attractive for a wide range of breeding and cultivation facilities. Compared to polycarbonate or acrylic, double glass offers a higher light transmission, is less affected bu contamination or discoloration and has no fire risks. Compared to single glass, double glass offers much better insulation but the light transmission normaly decreases. As the latter can be avoided with anti-reflection coatings and the costs of energy are continiously rising, double glass is becoming more and more attractive.


Tests of the Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture show how double glass contributes to high energy savings in the vegetable production. Calculations show that the energy of about 40m3/m2/year in conventional tomato cultivation can be reduced to about 20m3/m2/year with at least equal production (GTB Report 150, p.73). Together with adaptions in the growing concept an energy saving of 60% is achieved compared to practice with a cucumber crop in autumn 2010. Also the preliminary results of the current test with tomatoes promise comparable results (

The Lumenex® 22 mm system is specially designed for double glass. It offers four-sided rubber glass imposition; strength in ridge-, barand gutter connections; and well-insulated profiles with airchambers and cover strips. The water tightness of the system is as good as always, but the rubber glass imposition offers an additional advantage as it prevents air leakage. This is especially important when working with overor under pressure in your greenhouse.

With the Lumenex® 22 mm System BOAL Systemen gives new impetus towards sustainability and an energy-neutral growing environment.


  • The Lumenex® 22 mm system is a Venlo greenhouse for 22 mm double glazing.
  • With double glazing and proper cultivation methods energy savings of 60% are achieved.
  • Cappings with neoprene sealants foresee in the watertightness of the roof system.
  • A four-sided rubber glass imposition protects the glass and offers high air-tightness.

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