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- Model SW40 - Sandwich System



The Lumenex Sandwich system ensures a smooth transition between 40, 60 and 80 mm insulation panels and greenhouse gutters. For engine rooms, cooling chambers and other areas around the greenhouse insulation panels are popular roof coverings. A difficulty however is to create watertightness. The mounting plates used in the gutter are difficult to seal and create obstructions in the gutter-channel, making the channel unfit for the use of repair cars or roofwashers. Also the height difference between the insulation panels and the greenhouse roof creates difficulties for making watertight connections between the greenhouse roof and insulation panels.


BOAL Systemen developed the Lumenex® Sandwich system as a solution for the practical difficulties with insulated roofs. This new system uses the bar chamber for positioning the insulation panels inline with the greenhouse roof. The gutter-connection profile used is strong and foresees in a condensation drainage system. The watertightness of the system is created with the foam and rubber in the cover-plate. A mounting stop in the cover-plate is used for an exact positioning of the rubber seal on the gutter. A foam seal is used to create watertightness towards the insulation panel. The panel must therefore be flat on the outside. Boal Systemen also provides a EPDM foam 6 by 9 mm to put between the panels. A final part of the Lumenex® Sandwich system is the ridge profile. This profile supports both roof sides and offers a neat and solid solution for using insulation panels. The plastisol outside ridge is delivered provided by the panel supplier. 

The Lumenex® Sandwich system offers a smart and robust construction for applying insulation panels on greenhouse gutters. Transitions between insulation panels and greenhouse roofs are greatly simplified and the limitations of existing solutions are solved. The system is designed for 40, 60 and 80 mm sandwich panels, 1160 mm wide and with a flat outside surface.


  • Easy transitions between greenhouse and insulated roofs.
  • The gutter-channel is free of obstructions for the use of roofwashers and repair cars.
  • The coverplate dams the water at both the panel and the gutter side.
  • The insulation panel is leveled with the greenhouse roof making crosscut connections easier.

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