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Since its introduction in 1993 the Lumenex® Roof System is further developed to achieve a superior performance. In this Venlo-type greenhouse the potential of aluminum is fully mobilized to achieve strength, light transmission and energy efficiency. BOAL Systemen offers a range of gutters, bars, ventilators, glass support systems and PVC cappings to adjust the roof system to the needs of the grower. Also connection profiles are delivered to create smooth transitions to surrounding buildings and facades.

Much of the strength in the Lumenex® Roof System is obtained from the gutter-post connection, the bar-gutter connection and the moment tight roof bracing. In all connections a broad support base is created and slack is minimized. The Lumenex® Roof System is designed smart:

  • The profiles are tapered to optimize the direct entry, absorption and reflection of light.
  • PVC cappings are available with insulators between the aluminum and the glass and a threefold sealing. 
  • The gutter has an insulation chamber to prevent the convection of heat and has an additional gutter for the drainage of condensation water.
  • Flat transitions between the glass and the bars avoid dirt accumulation and ensure a smooth watercourse during rainstorms.

To increase the light transmission the grower can choose for very low roofbars, narrow gutters, large span widths, large glass sizes and tempered glass ventilators. To optimize the energy efficiency and water tightness of the system, the grower can choose to use narrow gutters with insulation chambers, the Double PVC system on the bars and cover strips on the ventilators.

The standard Lumenex® Roof System is available in span widths of 3.20, 4.00, 4.27, 4.80 and 5.60 meters and can be fitted with 4 or 16 mm cover material.


  • Strong connections ensure rigidity and durability in the construction.
  • Narrow, flat and conical profiles are designed for high light transmissions.
  • Double cover strips and insulation chambers avoid heat loss, a three-folded sealing and well designed condensation drainage system ensures a dry interior, and smooth transitions between the glass and aluminum avoid direct accumulation.

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