Koppert B.V.

- Model LUREM-TR - Attractant



Thrips attractant (kairomone) in dispenser with perforated membrane for slow release, Pack size: 20 dispensers per package.

  • LUREM-TR. increases the number of thrips cought on blue and yellow sticky traps, thus earlier discovery of the pest
  • LUREM-TR. is effective for several thrips species, such as Frankliniella occidentalis and Thrips tabaci
  • Enhances effectivity of protection measures
  • Can be used in all protected crops

  • peel off the aluminium foil from the back of the dispenser. This will start the release of the attractant
  • stick the dispenser with the Koppert logo onto a sticky trap, or suspend the dispenser near a sticky trap. Not more than some centimeters between dispenser and sticky trap
  • make sure the back side of the dispenser is free at all times!
  • suspend sticky trap and dispenser just (max. 30 cm) above the top of the crop

Environmental Conditions
LUREM-TR. works year-round, but is most effective in summer.

Storage and Handling

  • store at 0-5°C
  • shelf life: see packaging for expiry date

Mode of Action
After opening the attractant is slowly released from the dispenser. This makes adult thrips more mobile. They appear from their shelters and are more attracted to the sticky traps. LUREM-TR. enhances the effectivity of crop protection measures.

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