- Manure Treatment System


Our patented process technology uses both mechanical and chemical treatments to remove manure contaminants and segregate valuable fertilizer nutrients at large livestock operations. As the manure effluent flows through the process, solids are sequentially removed. The result is valuable segregated fertilizer nutrients and clean water that can be reused around the barns.

The nutrient and water recovery capacity of the LWR System is the highest on the market. Our process extracts up to 75% of the water from manure while concentrating and segregating nutrients. By concentrating and segregating the nutrients, you are given more control over your nutrient application which minimizes your field work. The result is clean, potable water, dry solids that are rich in both phosphorus and organic nitrogen and a concentrated stable ammonium and potassium liquid.

  • Proprietary membrane design
  • Built-in process capacity to treat high inorganic and organic feed
  • Automated and remote operation
  • Automated cleaning system
  • Highest nutrient and water recovery capacity on the market
  • Lowest electrical consumption on the market
  • Highest number of installations in the water and nutrient recovery market
  • Highest nutrient segregation on the market

  • Improve your operating profit margins
  • Expand your herd without acquiring more land
  • Eliminate water shortagos
  • Strategically control nutrient application
  • Haul concentrated liquids farther
  • Conserve water that is being lost to evaporation
  • Reduce field compaction
  • Control lagoon capacity
  • Improve neighbour relations
  • Feel relief, knowing that you are exceeding both current and future regulatory requirements
  • Reduce the number of trucks on local roads
  • Achieve 100% nutrient accessibility

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