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LM Aquaculture Pumps come in many designs, as each pump is adapted to the specific requirements in each case. All power-operated  designs are fitted with standard motors according to the IEC standards.


LM Aquaculture Pumps can be used for:

  • Transporting cooling water in large condensing systems
  • Pumping away rainwater in sewer systems from large cities
  • Drainage pumps
  • Heeling pumps in ferries and icebreakers
  • Feeder pumps in large water supply systems (raw water)
  • Fresh water supply pumps at fish farms (fresh/salt water)
  • Return pumps for recycling of used water in connection 
    with re-oxidation

  • The first real non-corrosive pump
  • Long life span to withstand prolonged usage in pumping warm tropical seawater
  • High efficiency with optimised propeller
  • Silent operation without metallic noise
  • Operation without any vibration
  • Available in vertical, horizontal, in-line and open designs
  • Service intervals are normally 5 or 10 years for pumps used fulltime in standard saltwater

  • 20 to 2500 l/s of flow
  • 0.1 to 12 meter lift
  • PEH pump body
  • PEH pump casing
  • Composite bolting
  • Duplex shaft
  • Special alloy propel
  • Shaft seal can be avoided
  • Rotation section as a unit
  • Relative light weight

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