Model M-03 - Peanut Planter


It has been designed to sow peanut with paired lines. This system is composed of a double rowing line, which is paired at 12 cm. These pairs are repeated every 70 cm.In the traditional system 12 to 18 seeds are placed in each linear meter. In this new system we can reduce the number of seeds to 6 or 9 per linear meter without changing the density per square meter per hectare.This system is advantageous because we can keep the same population per hectare. In the line the seeds are well spaced out thus reducing the contact among them, which prevents the transmission of fungal diseases during germination and allows for better growth in the sown field. After germination, when the seeds are already developing, the competence between the plants is reduced and solar radiation interception is improved. The availability of water and soil nutrients also improves. All this results in a higher yield.

  • Suitable for sowing on stubble due to the transfer of the chassis weight to the row units   
  • Suitable for conventional and direct sowing  
  • Coulters for stubble   
  • Possibility of sowing other crops just by modifying the distance between the row units   
  • High capacity Seed Mono Hopper

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