Model M-100 - Artificial Seaweed



Consists of polypropylene leaves attached to a center core. Each leaf is constructed like microscopic netting for easy byssal attachment. Avialable in black only.

100m, (328') per case.

9.7kg, (2.14lbs) per case.

Mussel spat collection, also as a finfish substrate for laying eggs.

How it is used / deployed:
Vertically along a backbone, or mainline, with spacing of 1.52m, (5'). (Hanging depth will depend on site specifics.) As the mussel seed grows, their weight increases, creating the need for extra floatation. Special attention must be paid to the system during this phase. When the mussel seed is large enough for removal, they are easily removed by drawing the FMS through a steel ring, or a set of sheaves, or Mechanical stripper brusher. The FMS will then be ready for re-use.

Features / benefits:
Easy to use and reusable, more than 10-50 times the collection of fuzzy rope has been experienced with artificial seaweed (depending on site specifics). Artificial seaweed has increased surface area over fuzzy rope. The expected life span for artificial seaweed is 5 to 8 years.

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