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Model M-80 - Power tiller and Tractor

It cancarry out plough,harrowing,tilling,soil plain, and spraying in field operation.In stationary operation,it can perform pumping,rice milling,power generating,grain threshing and flour milling.

Over Dimensions(mm) 2050*710*1235
Weight(without engine) 179kg
Tilling Width and No.of Blades

Standard    480mm 14Blades

Max   600mm 16Blades


Forward  6speeds

Reverse  2speeds

Tilling  4speeds(2speeds by changing auxiliary sprockets)

Tires 5-12
Brake Inner Expansion Type
Main Ciutch Dry Multi-plate Type
Steering Clutch Claw Type Clutch
Power Transmission System

Engine to Main shaft:2V-Belts

Main Shaft to Wheel Axle:Gear

Transmission to Blade Axle:Chain

Wheel Tread     390-780mm
Mounted Engine For Use with M80 or
Type Horizontal,Water Cooling,4Stroke Cycle Diesel Engine

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