Talleres Aguin, S.L.

Model M/C B1 - De-Clumping


Due to our eagerness to perfect our machinery perfomance, we have developed adaptations that greatly improved its quality and yield. Another posibility is to add an helicoidal axle to the de-clumping machine, this extra axle, due the smoothness of its bristles, can prevent the loss of water from the mussels. The water gush flows out under pressure throught the brush bristles and in that way getting a better washing of the mussels. To do this the only requirement is to cut the axle and to set up sone connection joints either for the brush or for the original rubber blade axle. Another recommended adpatation for the very 'clumped' mussel with strong beard (byssus threads) is to add to this axle another trowel extension and an intermediary grader. Another possibility is to put the brush instead of the last extension of the axle, that way we can have a longer de-clumping machine and with a brush that provides the mussels better de-clumping and washing.

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