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- Bridges / Boardwalks

Short construction time: It is possible that with a small crew of 2 to 3 people a M-Lock® Bridge can be constructed at a rate of 1 span per week. Minimal impact on the surrounding environment: Construction can proceed by reaching out from the previously constructed span if necessary. A much reduced construction period compared to conventional bridges and other bridging systems. Disruption to the community and road users is minimised. Economical: The system provides an economical replacement for aging timber bridges. Designed to eliminate the need for in situ toppings or wear surfaces. This speeds construction and reduces long-term maintenance costs. Can be permanent or temporary: Can be used as a permanent structure or when a temporary bridge is needed for construction sites. Virtually no on-site wet mix is required apart from a minimal amount of grout.

  • rural road bridges
  • new sub-division bridges
  • temporary bridges
  • economical replacement for ageing timber bridges
  • pedestrian walkways

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