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Model M - Mobile Side-Shooter



The Self Propelled SideShooter will decrease time needed to bed freestalls while reducing amount of material wasted from improper placement.

Independent Conveyor Speeds.

The operator can independently control each conveyor speed (main conveyor & cross conveyor) to accommodate many different bedding types and moisture content in the bedding. The conveyors can be adjust quickly and easily with the turn of a dial from inside the cab.

Excellent Visibility.

The positioning of the cab allows the operator to watch the cross conveyor, the main conveyor, and the material being spread.

Rugged Cab Construction.

The cab features military grade components for long service life. With no controls on the floor to be damaged by the corrosive manure and sand. The rugged cab is easily cleaned.

Cross Conveyor.

The cross conveyor uses an aggressive high speed track, this allows the conveyor to place bedding 3 to 25 feet. Also the track is seamless and fiberglass reinforced with positive drive cogs to provide rugged durability without slipping under load.

Unsurpassed Capacity.

The large capacities of the SideShooter results in fewer trips, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced labor cost.


Turning in cross alleys and around tight barns is effortless with the tight turning circle and the two steering modes. The operator can select from two wheel or four wheel steering.

Hydrostatic Drive.

The operator has precise control over ground speed using a hydrostatic drive. In addition the hydrostatic drive allows for varied ground speed while maintaining engine rpm to maintain material flow ensuring each free stall is full of bedding.

Main Conveyor.

The main conveyor uses a heavy duty pintle chain and drive sprockets for long service life and low maintenance.

Bed Head to Head Stalls.

The high speed oscillating cross conveyor has the ability to angle upward and bed head to head free stalls with a single pass.

Low Maintenance.

The daily routine maintenance is as simple as checking fluids, walk around inspection and greasing bearings.

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