Tuthill Temperley

- Model M2000 - Self-Propelled Cider Fruit Harvester


The M2000 is a versatile pedestrian controlled pedestrian harvester popular for use in both standard and bush orchards. It picks up and cleans apples and pears easily in short or long grass. It is able to work in most conditions and terrains. The machine has a Tuthill hedgehog belt for cleaning the fruit. The result is excellent fruit quality in all conditions. The machine picks up over a width of 800 mm (32”) and has an output of over 1 tonne per hour. It is powered by a 5.5hp Honda 4 stroke air-cooled petrol engine. It is economical, quiet, reliable, and easy to start. The harvester has a six-speed gearbox. It provides a wide range of speeds as well as a reverse gear and handbrake.

Easy to use:
The machine has an adjustable jockey wheel which allows fruit of different sizes to be collected. An oil bath centrifugal clutch on the engine starts and stops the harvester when the accelerator is opened. There are two handlebar positions, one straight behind the pick up and one offset for use under trees with low hanging branches.

Fruit handling:
The cleaned fruit is delivered into two sturdy plastic baskets which each hold 20kgs of fruit.

Simple to maintain:
The M2000 has just two vee belt drives and one chain drive. The machine is easy to maintain and very reliable. These machines are sold and serviced throughout Europe.

Harvested width 800mm (32”)
Output: 1000 kgs to 3000 kgs per hour
Engine: Honda 5.5 hp, 4 stroke petrol engine with centrifugal clutch and recoil starter
Transmission: Transaxle with differential, 5 forward speeds, one reverse
Tyres: 400*8 tractor tread
Overall height: 850mm
Overall length: 2400mm
Overall width: 1350mm
Weight: 220kgs

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