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Pioneering runs in Fullwood’s blood. From generation to generation we have developed innovative solutions to make milking faster, more reliable and more efficient. Our no-nonsense approach has always been to deliver real benefits to professional dairy farmers and their cows. That ethos has made Fullwood synonymous with fully integrated, technically advanced and profitable milk production. With the original Fullwood Merlin robot a new era in milk production was born. Our passion for new technologies has seen that machine develop into a true class-leader. But we refuse to stand still. The Fullwood M2erlin is the next generation of automatic milking systems and is ready to take milk production to the next level. Fullwood M²erlin: setting the new standard in efficient, ergonomic and ecological milk production.

Fullwood’s Merlin robots have always boasted the fastest teat cup attachment. That hasn’t changed. The Fullwood M²erlin uses a completely new arm which is our most efficient and quietest design to date. And it still offers unrivalled levels of accuracy and cluster attachment speed.

The Fullwood M²erlin features a unique twin-exit design which enables the milking machine to act as a segregation system, with cows exiting either via a side gate or straight ahead. It is also available in either a side or straight entry configuration.

Fullwood parlours are globally recognised for their reliability and robust build quality. The new Fullwood M²erlin is no exception – we’ve used only the very best components and highest grade stainless steel to make sure your new robot will last a lifetime.
Extensive tests have shown that the new Fullwood M²erlin uses significantly less energy than previous models. The majority of these energy savings come from the new milking arm which is now operated by electric motors instead of compressed air. Fullwood M²erlin also uses less water, making it one of the most economic and environmentally friendly milking solutions.

Cow and operator comfort and convenience were at the very forefront of the design of the Fullwood M²erlin. The new machine features a range of safety features and fail-safes which not only improve cow welfare and operator safety, but also protect milk integrity.

Affordability is at the very heart of the Fullwood M²erlin. As well as boasting reduced running costs our latest robot is also our most affordable. With three versions available, there is a Fullwood M²erlin to suit every dairy farmer’s pocket. The new machine is also fully compatible with previous generations of Merlin.

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