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Model M300 series - Power Flow Cutting Header



The cutting header ensures a consistent head first feed of material of all crop types through the innovation of the powered belt system, for greater threshing ability.

Powered Belt System: the one meter length between the knife and auger, allow for improved performance and visibility. Tall and short crops can be cut and easily transported directly underneath the auger by the revolving power belt at a constant speed, increasing the productivity of the machine.

Reel: the hydraulic reel can be regulated to 3 different positions, high enough to reach taller crops and low enough to allow the reel tines to reach below the knife making it reliable in crop pick-up even in laid conditions. The reel speed adjusts automatically, the Operator can set the speed ratio from inside the cab, so the reel will automatically compensate to the forward speed of the combine for perfect crop flow into the header.

Knife: the exclusive Schumacher system guarantees a higher cutting strength, precision, and a 1,220 rpm working speed even on green or damp crops. The strong and reliable gear box vibrates less therefore, less wear on the cutting header. The blades of the knife are double supported, constantly sharp and self cleaning, therefore more difficult crops like oil seed rape, peas and rye are tackled with ease.

Oil Seed Rape: exclusive design of the Power Belt allows efficient collection of rapeseed without having to employ  an additional kit, but simply installing optional side knives, where the crop dividers attach. A special rape auger (optional) can be easily installed above the main auger and can boost productivity when harvesting long stemmed oil seed rape.

Crop Dividers: the  standard Torpedo foldable crop dividers were engineered for all types of crops and conditions. The assembly is quick and simple, not requiring the use of any tools. The unique design make it possible to fold the dividers making it easier to transport on the road.

Free Flow Cutting Header

Continuous feed and uniform cutting even in difficult conditions.

Large -diameter auger: thanks to a large-diameter auger with larger flighting, it allows for increased and improved feeding capacity.

Open-profile frame: provides better visibility (facilitating crop flow control) and improves the handling of long-stemmed crops. The frame is designed to simplify hitching and unhitching the cutting header.

Header /machine coupling: the cutting headers are hitched by a centralized multiple coupling system for all electric and hydraulic controls. This makes hitching a quick, simple and precise operation.

Hydrostatically driven pickup reel: it is equipped with newly designed tines, anti-clogging blades (Schumacher system) and simplified drives. This combination of components improves balance and the efficiency of the pickup reel on laid crops and is practically zero maintenance.

Sectional Concave

Versatility is key in the Agri-business of tomorrow. Farmers and contractors have to harvest many different crops, and with this they can adapt their machine to many different conditions in no time.

Laverda recognizes this important need and have developed our new Optional Sectional Concave, available on request. You can change from small to large grain size simply replacing the front half of the main concave with no need to remove the front elevator. It is designed to harvest any kind of crop in any condition, going through wheat, barley, rape, sunflower, maize, soya and many other different crops.

The Sectional Concave will reduce the conversion time of your combine from hours to minutes!


Fundamental elements of good cab design include space, comfort and visibility. The new Proline cab offers all of these, ensuring complete operator comfort at all times. Visibility is excellent with a panoramic view for the operator including header, stubble, unloader and the rear with large electrically adjustable mirrors

The cab comes with a host of features you would expect in an operator environment of this quality: fully automatic air conditioning including heating; air suspension seat; electrically adjustable heated mirrors; instructor seat with cooler (optional) and storage box; excellent sound insulation means you work in quiet comfort; safe and easy to use cab steps.

TechTouch 2 Terminal

The new TechTouch 2 Terminal is the control centre for all key performance operations, it has a touch screen, and you can use the unique safety navigator to display the screen you require.

The easy-to-read colour touch screen can be adjusted for each operator, which choices for what should be displayed. Clear uncluttered display makes the job of interpreting the information very easy – warnings are shown clearly as a priority. Automated crop settings – several variations of crop settings can be added within the menu on the TechTouch 2 terminal, which when selected will alter the combine automatically.

Agco Power Engine

Stage IV emission level Agco Power engines designed for low fuel consumption, maximum economy and long life expectancy.

The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology reduces atmospheric emissions without any negative effects on operations and maintenance, just a more efficient fuel use and therefore reducing operating costs.

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